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Dr Elena Gonzalez-Polledo

 I have a PhD in Social Anthropology from Goldsmiths. My thesis explored FTM transition as an intensive space of possibility. At a time when trans people worldwide are radically reimagining what it means to transition and how it matters, it aimed to contribute to thinking transsexuality beyond traditional binary models that privilege oppositions between self and other, individual and collective, hormonal and psychosocial matter, sex and gender.

During my postdoctoral experience at Goldsmiths, I joined the FP7 project MEDEA (Models and their effects on development paths, an ethnographic and comparative approach, www.medeasteelproject.org|), which looked at the effects of economic models on development paths, knowledge transmission and livelihood strategies associated with the steel industry. I conducted ethnographic fieldwork in a Spanish industrial district in Asturias to identify critical points in the deployment of development models and their effects on work, skills and generational change in industrial cultures. 

Working closely with regional and international experts, I am currently using ethnography and agent based simulation to explore the relations between the emergence of local and regional political ontologies through practices of measuring, modelling and forecasting and the making of industrial cultures.

Research interests

Modelling, ethnography, comparison, technology, labour, industrial cultures, temporality, transitions, relations, ethics.

Working papers

Goddard, V and Gonzalez-Polledo, E (in prep): A riddle of steel: comparing trajectories in the steel industry.


(With I Sabate): “Industrial work and global markets: A comparison of two Spanish steel plants” in V Goddard (ed): Special Issue: Cultures of Work: Industrial Futures in Post-Industrial Capitalism, Focaal: Journal of Historical and Global Anthropology, forthcoming 2013.

“Politics for industrial machines. Techno-political transitions in a Spanish steel plant”, in Goddard, V and Narotzky S (eds) Envisioning the future: models and ethnography in times of change, Routledge, forthcoming 2013.

2010    ‘No se que otra cosa podria ser’: Medicina entre la eleccion y el cuidado en la transicion FTM’ in Misse, M and Coll-Planas, G (eds): El Genero Desordenado. Criticas en torno a la patologizacion de la transexualidad, Barcelona, Egales.