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London School of Economics ESRC DTC Training

The Department of Methodology offers a number of workshops throughout the academic year as part of the ESRC DTC network. The 2015/16 workshops will be posted here in September and on the NCRM website.

Some of the workshops we ran in the 2014/15 Academic Session:


Corpus Construction
Participant Observation
Discourse Analysis
Avoiding Fallacies of Deduction, Induction and Abduction
Qualitative Comparative Analysis
In-depth interviewing
Mixed Methods
Visual Methods
Thematic Analysis
Focus Groups
SEBE (Subjective Evidence-Based Ethnography)
Narrative and Episodic Interviewing and Analysis
Visual Explanations 


Simulation Methods
Generalized Additive Models
Quantitative Text Analysis
Network Analysis
Matching for Causal Inference
Introduction to latent trait and latent class models

Multiple group latent trait and latent class models