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The Department of Methodology is an interdisciplinary group, most of the staff having joint appointments with other departments in the School. A key function of the Department is to provide training for PhD and MSc students in the design of social research and in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Students should seek advice from their departments or supervisors on which Methodology courses they are required to take. 

Historically, one of the main reasons for the establishment of the Department of Methodology was the identification by the Economic and Social Research Council of a 'methods gap' in the training of research students and the publication by the ESRC of guidelines for PhD programmes in the social sciences. Among the stipulated requirements was a set of research skills for each discipline. Given the considerable overlap in these research skills across departments, the Department of Methodology was established to meet some of these needs efficiently.

Department of Methodology courses are open to all students taking MSc or PhD programmes. This means that research students are welcome to attend any of the Department's courses. They should seek approval from their research tutors or supervisors.

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The Department also runs a Masters programme (MSc Social Research Methods) and a PhD programme (MPhil/PhD in Social Research Methods).