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Text Mining Conference 

Text Mining Conference

 Text-Mining Conference 2014 – Call for papers:

Text-Mining and Public Policy Analysis

Date:  27-28 June 2014

Venue: London School of Economics and Political Science

The 4th LSE Text-Mining Conference will be an opportunity for Methodologists, Political Scientists and Data Miners to come together to discuss applications and experiences in using Text-Mining Methods for Public Policy analysis. The conference will examine the application of digital technologies to support social and policy research within two methodological strands: (1) Qualitative and Quantitative text analysis (2) Systematic analysis of multi-stream visual data. We welcome papers applying textual/visual methods to the analysis of policy documents; political discourses, Social Media and Big Data. Papers should seek to show innovation in methodology and applications of Text-Mining techniques to analyse and inform public policy decisions.

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Conference Organiser
Aude Bicquelet|

Contact Details
Tel. +44 (0)20 7955 7639
e-mail: a.j.bicquelet@lse.ac.uk|
Twitter: @TxtMining|