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Discussion papers in qualitative research


The LSE Department of Methodology Discussion Papers in qualitative research are an opportunity for visitors to the School, members of staff, and invited speakers to the departmental seminars to put forward an argument on qualitative methodology. The paper may be at an early stage inviting a swift first round of reviews. The papers are internally reviewed before they are accepted and then distributed within and outside the LSE for further discussions with the authors.
In this series we encourage contributions that propose ideal-typical descriptions of particular procedures for qualitative data collection and/or analysis, be these text, image or sound based. In an ideal world the paper should comprise a discussion of:

  • the underlying concepts,
  • the strength and weaknesses of the method,
  • its comparison to similar approaches,
  • a discussion of good and bad use of the approach through using criteria such as reliability, transparency or others,
  • one or two exemplary results obtained with the method,
  • around 5,000 words of length

Martin W. Bauer

List of papers in the series

  1. The Narrative Interview: Comments on a technique of qualitative data collection (pdf)
    (Martin Bauer, LSE, October 1996)
  2. Determining the Central Nucleus of Social Representations (pdf)
    (Celso Pereira de Sa, Rio de Janeiro, November 1996)
  3. Word Associations in Questionnaires: A practical guide to design and analysis
    (Wolfgang Wagner, University of Linz, Austria, February 1997)
  4. Computer-Assisted Analysis of Qualitative Data (pdf) (Udo Kelle, University of Bremen, Germany, August 1997)
  5. The episodic interview (pdf) (Uwe Flick, Hannover, November 1997)
  6. Types of Category in the Analysis of Content (pdf) (Bradley Franks, LSE, February 1999)
  7. Counter-Transference in Social Research: Georges Devereux and Beyond (pdf)(Alain Giami, INSERM, Paris, June 2001)
  8. Nomothesis, Ideographia and Bemetology (pdf)
    (Gerhard Fassnacht, University of Bern, Switzerland, June 2004)
  9. Empirical Phenomenology: An Approach for Qualitative Research (pdf)
    (Patrick Aspers, Dept. of Sociology, Stockholm University, November 2004)

  10.   Participant Authored Audiovisual Stories (PAAS): Giving the Camera Away or giving the camera a way?| (pdf)
          (Marcelo Ramella and Gonzalo Olmos, the London Multimedia Lab for Audiovisual Composition and Communication, Institute of
          Social Psychology, London School of Economics, 2005)

 11.    What is Qualitative Longitudinal Research?| (pdf)
           Dr Stephen Farrell, Research Institute for Law, Politics and Justice, Keele University, January 2006

12.    A Structural Approach to Social Representations - three complementary methods (pdf)
        Chloé Gurrieri, Laboratoire de Psychologie Environnementale CNRS-UMR 8069, Université Paris Descartes (2007)