MSc Programmes and Courses

All our programmes offer the following benefits:

  • An intensive, high quality postgraduate education in media and communications.
  • A broad social science foundation in qualitative, quantitative, empirical and critical skills.
  • A diverse, multi-disciplinary and theoretically-oriented approach to contemporary developments, issues and debates in the field.
  • A range of specialist courses within media and communications and related fields, including an independent empirical research project.
  • An intellectually stimulating, well-resourced learning environment, with strong links to media and communications industries and policy makers.
  • The opportunity for lively cross-cultural exchange of ideas among a dynamic group of fellow students in the Department and School.
  • Study with internationally-recognised active researchers with expertise in media and communications and politics and democracy, regulation and policy, technological change, audiences, globalisation, culture, and more.

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Course options

C – Compulsory                 O – Optional                 P – Priority                 X – Not available


MC - Media & Communications     MC (research) - Media & Communications (research track)

MCG - Media & Communications (Governance)    MCD - Media, Communication and Development

PolCom - Politics and Communication    Global - Global Media and Communications

Course units
  MC MCG MC (research) MCD PolCom Global
MC401 - Mediated Resistance AND Citizens O O O O O O
MC402 - The Audience in Media and Communications O O O O O O
MC403 - Contemporary Issues in Media and Communications Policy O O O O O O
MC404 - Political Communication O O O O C O
MC405 - Current issues in Media & Communications: Policies for iCT's, Society and Development O O O O O O
MC407 - International Media and the Global South O O O O O
MC408 - Theories and Concepts in Media & Communications I (Key concepts and interdisciplinary approaches) C C C C C
MC409 - Media, Technology & Everyday Life O O O O O O
MC411 - Media and Globalisation X X X X X C
MC413 - Information, Communication and Knowledge Systems O O O O O O
MC416 - Representation in the Age of Globalisation O O O O O P
MC417 - Democracy and the Media X X X X C X
MC418 - Theories & Concepts in Media and Communications II (Processes of communication in modern life) O C O O P
MC419 - Modern Campaigning Politics X X X X O X
MC420 - Identity, Transnationalisation and the Media O O O O O O
MC421 - Critical Approaches to Media, Communciation and Development O O O C O O
MC422 - Critical Studies in Media and Journalism O O O O O O
MC423 - Global Media Industries O O O O O P
MC424 - Media and Communication Governance O C O O O O
MC425 - Interpersonal Mediated Communication O O O O O O
MC426 - Film Theory and World Cinema O O O O O O
MC427 - Digital Media Futures O O O O O O
MC428 - Media Culture & Neoliberalism in the Global South O O O O O O
MC499 - Dissertation: Media and Communications C C C C C C
MC4M1 - Methods of Research in Media & Communications (inc Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis) C C TAKEN AS PART OF MC4M2 C C C
MC4M2 - Advanced Methods of Research in Media & Communications (inc Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis) C C C C C C