Welcome from the Programme Directors

The MSc and MA in Global Media and Communications Programme is now in its 13th year. As you know, our first joint programme in Global Media and Communications was founded in 2000 with the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. It was a pioneering double programme at LSE, and as far as we know in any other university of the world. In 2000-2001 we started with 12 students, in 2009-2010 we had nearly 50 students in the two major global media capitals of the world, London and Los Angeles.

Our graduates are now successfully making their mark in different parts of the world. This does not surprise us at all: we always knew that we could attract not only the brightest but the most open-minded students who were willing to cross borders -  whether intellectual, geographical, political, cultural or ethnic (or in some cases all of these and more).

Our second double programme with Fudan University started in October 2007 and is a similar arrangement to that with USC. It offers two degrees to students who successfully complete the two-year programme: an MSc from LSE and an equivalent Masters degree from Fudan University in Shanghai. Our aim is to educate students from outside China to become specialists on Chinese media and communications, with additional training in Chinese language. This second programme does not change the arrangement we have with USC, but adds an alternative option and specialisation.

Our programmes with USC and Fudan take advantage of the strengths of the three schools. The curriculum is scholarly in its approach, offering courses taught by outstanding academics, and professional in its orientation, providing internships in the global media industries in LA and Shanghai. We award two degrees to students who successfully complete the two-year programme: an MSc in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an MA in Global Communication from the University of Southern California or from Fudan.

We are delighted that you have shown interest in our Global Media and Communications community. One of the most interesting aspects of this programme lies in the diversity of the students it attracts, which, year after year, clearly reflects its global reach.

Along with the academic resources of LSE, USC and Fudan, the breadth of our students' cultural and academic/professional background makes for a stimulating intellectual space for discussing and debating issues arising from globalisation. We invite you to make the most of your visit to our website by meeting the students and staff members virtually, and by getting to know the schools as well. To request further information, please contact our Programme Administrator, Gemma James|

  • Terhi Rantanen: Programme Director (LSE with USC)   
  • Bingchun Meng: Programme Director(LSE with Fudan)
  • Gemma James: Programme Administrator