Courses at Fudan University

Here you will find a brief description of the some of the core courses and optional courses.

Chinese language and culture - (Chinese civilization-oriented)

Instructor: Hong Guo, Associate Professor, PhD 

This is a required Chinese course designed for learners to gain a general knowledge base of Chinese language with an orientation of Chinese culture. It provides students with profound knowledge and understanding of Chinese civilization, covering a wide range of content areas such as Chinese philosophy, schools of influential ideologies, religions, ancient innovations, architectures, traditions in various areas, local operas, and the disputed cultural issues of the present day.

Flexible methods of teaching will be adopted in this class, which allows plenty of student participation, such as sharing point of views, active discussions, critical idea-exchanges and so forth to achieve a satisfactory and effective learning atmosphere.  

Chinese language and culture-Chinese civilization-orientated: course details| (WORD)

Covering China-China's print journalism

A Tug-of- War between Commanding Journalism, Market-Driven Journalism and Professional Journalism.

China's print journalism is undergoing a profound transition from the dominant model of command journalism to other two alternative models of market-driven journalism and professional journalism. The subject focuses on presentation and analysis of media performance of China's media organizations and media professionals.

Mainly through selected case studies of China's leading newspapers and magazines, including The Southern Weekend, The Southern Metropolitan Daily, The Finance Monthly, The New Weekly, The Southern Sports and The Titan Sports, etc, the course discusses the dynamics, strategies and skills for different approaches of media practice of China's print journalism nowadays.  

Covering China-China's print journalism: course details| (PDF)

CMC and new media

The course covers such topics as introduction of ICT development strategy in China, new media (the Internet, broadband, mobile phone, mobile TV, IPTV, etc.) development, telecommunication regulations, new media audience research and the impact of new media on conventional media. Discussions will be focused on the unique situation in China against the background of globalization.  

Specialty Chinese: media and vommunication in China

This course will be presided by Zhu Ying Huang, the former general editor of "China Daily". Experienced experts will be invited over for seminars and lectures. The course will centre on Chinese media environment and International media's reporting towards China issues. Most of the course will be conducted in English, but there will be a few lectures given in Chinese with English interpreters present.  

Chinese politics

The course will openly discuss political and historical issues from Qing Dynasty to People's Republic of China.  

Chinese Journalism: theories and practices- part I

  • Chinese media's system, management and regulations
  • The theory and practice of Chinese media groups' revolution
  • The process of China's economic revolution and development 

Chinese Journalism: theories and practices- part I: course details| (WORD)

Chinese journalism: ideas, practice and traditions part-II

  • Press Reform: A Tough Journey
  • Concept of Information:
  • The Trend of Mass Media: The Reorientation of Media's Nature in 1990s
  • Bigger and Stronger: The Reconstruction of Media Industry in the New Century
  • Future: Problems and Outlook

Chinese journalism: ideas, practice and traditions part-II: course details| (PDF)

Chinese broadcasting: an overview of the industry and programming

The course will be about the marketing trend of Chinese broadcasting and television industry; the impact of technological advancement on Chinese radio and television industry and the future of Chinese television programs. From the makeup of Chinese channels and programs, the lectures will discuss the specialization trend of entertainment, sports, music and cartoon channels and so on.  

Chinese broadcasting: an overview of the industry and programming: course details| (WORD)

Studies on Chinese documentaries

Students would have opportunities to review Chinese documentaries' history. The class will be open to discuss the emergence of DV and its significance, the future trend of Chinese documentaries and critically evaluation on modern documentaries.

Studies on Chinese documentaries: course details| (WORD)

Research on China's economy

This course will discuss the history, trend and phenomenon of China's economy after the economical revolution.