Year Two: Fudan University

The first year at LSE lays solid theoretical and methodological foundations for future media and communications professionals to examine issues of media and communication within a political, social and cultural context. The analytical and critical thinking skills acquired through the rigorous social science training at LSE are easily transferrable to a diverse range of careers.

During the second year at Fudan University in Shanghai, students will immerse themselves - via research and applied learning - in Chinese culture and media in order to broaden their horizons and enhance their knowledge of China.  Students on this course will be equiped with a richer global perspective so they can contribute to a better societal understanding of international issues. 

Through various courses, students will be given the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of China's multi-media environment in both theoretical and applied contexts. One of the main aspects of Fudan University is getting to know international students during their time in China and to see their personal development blossom and awareness and appreciation of China grow.

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Situated in the vibrant global metropolis of Shanghai, Fudan has been consistently ranked among the top 3 universities in China and has  strong research expertise in the social sciences and humanities. The Journalism School at Fudan is among the most prestigious ones in China and has extensive links with media industries in Shanghai as well as other parts of China.

Founded in 1929, is the oldest journalism educational establishment in China. The department became China’s first School of Journalism in 1988. Following the motto, “Good learners and keen practitioners", the School is regarded as the birthplace of modern Chinese journalism.

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  • Students will have the opportunity to take the Mandarin course offered by the LSE Language Centre for free in their first year.
  • They could also choose from a range of China related courses offered by other departments at the LSE.
  • In their second year at Fudan, students will get more intensive training in Chinese language, as well as internship placement across media industries in Shanghai.
  • LSE China organises alumni events that help students to keep in touch with the LSE networks.

Funding opportunities at Fudan year include: 

  • CSC Scholarship - Bilateral Program includes full or partial scholarships in accordance with the education exchange agreements or MOUs between Chinese government and governments of other countries, institutions, universities or international organizations. The full scholarship covers: tuition wavier; free university accommodation or off-campus accommodation subsidy; 3,000 RMB / month stipend; and comprehensive medical insurance. Partial scholarship covers one or some items of the full scholarship. 
  • Fudan J-School Scholarship provides 15,000 RMB based on the size of the annual cohort, and the evaluation criteria will be on a merit and needs basis.