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Lars Guthorm Kavli (Norway, class 2004) just published his debut novel 'The Way the Hen Kicks'. More information here.

Kopal Khanna (India, class 2015) wrote 'Almost Whole', a fiction book centered around two women, a 12-year-old child and a 23-year-old woman.  But Khanna uses the conditions of Indian jails as a real-life backdrop to the story. You can hear more about it here.

"Since graduating in 2003, I have moved back to my native Austria, Vienna to be precise, and I have been working at ORF-Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, first in programming, later human resources and now in finance. My studies at LSE undoubtedly provided me with the necessary theoretical framework and practical skills to tackle the changing media landscape of the past decade and adapt to changes in my work environment. The next step is - pretty much like the last ones - to keep on top of the metaphorical wave that is transforming our business on an almost daily basis. The most life enhancing aspect of this two-year programme is to have done it - and to have acknowledged that "change is the only constant "and therefore lifelong learning is the only way to keep abreast."

Harald Pfannhauser, Austria, class 2003

"Since graduating from LSE I have been able to progress in my chosen career field of marketing strategy and planning, specialising in Consumer Insights and Market Research. I specialise in identifying key consumer insights in the context of culture and the marketplace that fuel the creation of compelling, relevant and effective user experiences and marketing solutions to fulfill established business objectives for brands. I currently am Associate Director of Cultural Intelligence for a marketing experience agency, and consult for a global start up company as Associate Director of Marketing."

Bettina Papirio, Germany, class 2011 

"I enjoy working for the World Bank which allows me to gain new insights into globalization and its consequences every day - particularly as development is not only a question of economic development but is linked to many facts of life such as socio-political development and communication technologies.

The global programme provides a truly unique perspective: studying at two outstanding schools in two exciting media cities on different continents, really allowed me to gain a global and diverse understanding of media and communications - a perspective and knowledge that is increasingly important in our mediated world." 

Sandra Normann, Germany, class 2002

"I founded Radar Research, a Los-Angeles-based research and consulting firm, since graduating from the program. Also, the Norman Lear Center is publishing a book with a chapter written by my partner and me from their ready to share conference". 

Marissa Gluck, United States, class 2002


"Like many of life's valuable experiences, you may curse the rugged ride, but in the end, you'll look back and realize that you made one of the best choices in your life. The education, both in and out of the classroom, will benefit you professionally and personally by challenging the way you think and how you view the world.

Besides that, how cool is it to say you studied at the same schools as John Wayne, JFK, George Bernard Shaw, George Lucas, Neil Armstrong, and Mick Jagger. Join a world-class network of alumni, engage your mind, and infiltrate the veins of globalization. Be one of the few who can claim to have completed the most diverse and global of all advanced university degrees. It's something that will remain with you long into the future." 

Pallavi Aiyar, India, class 2002  

"The two-year programme at LSE-USC has deeply changed the way I see social and international problems. It also gets me into the habit of reading, as a scholar, even after leaving university. I still read literature and books on humanities whenever I have time. It feels good knowing that you are not overwhelmed by everyday routine and still have a vision for things that are bigger than life. And I still have the will to make this world a little happier place with my own two hands."

Yueru Zhang, China, class 2012 

"The two-year program is really helpful and inspiring. Especially London is such a large, diverse international city. And learning the communication theories and various research methods is quite useful for exploring ways of thinking, which is useful for career development. I really appreciate the help of all the instructors."

Chenyue Yuan, China, class 2012

"I think it is a great programme. We really do get a breadth of experience and learning. Anyone coming out of this MSc is uniquely equipped with that buzzword -transferable skills!"

Gerard Raiti, United States, class 2006




"The way the programme was designed and the way you taught us are truly part of the most desirable global experience that one could have" -Shen Manlin, class 2003.
"I think it is a great programme. We really do get a breadth of experience and learning. Anyone coming out of this MSc is uniquely equipped with that buzzword -transferrable skills!" -Gerard Raiti, class 2006.
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