TLAC Review 2011

TLAC Review of the Department of Media & Communications 23rd and 24th May 2011

The Department of Media & Communication is being reviewed by LSE's Teaching,
Learning and Assessment Committee (TLAC) on 23rd and 24th May 2011as part of TLAC's cycle of reviews of academic departments|.

The message from Mark Thomson below sets out how you can take part in the review process.  We strongly encourage you to take part in the review by attending the sessions arranged by the TLAC Review team.  The times and venue for the meetings will be advised as soon as we have confirmation.  If you are not able to attend the review meetings, you may like to submit written comments  to Mark Thomson:


Dear student,

RE: Review of the Department of Media and Communications, 23-24 May

We are eager to meet you and to find out about your experience of being a student in the Department of Media and Communications.

The School will be reviewing the Department on 23-24 May.  Student input to the review process is very important for the review team.  Your Staff:Student Liaison Committee representatives have been asked to prepare a written statement for the review.  The statement will address the following themes:

-academic adviser and supervisory arrangements

-assessment, support for assessment and feedback

-the accuracy of published information

For more information, please see the attached Briefing Note|.

The review team will also be specifically looking at the MSc in Global Media and Communications double degree.  It will be looking at the way the Department runs this collaborative programme, and would be grateful to hear about the experiences of students enrolled on it.  This includes students in both years of the programmes.

As part of the review we will of course be meeting with the teaching staff from your Department.  But we are very interested to hear student views, so please do attend the review event if you can make the time.  It will be an informal meeting, giving you a chance to tell the team how you feel about your Department – good or bad. 

Praise and positive feedback are just as important as critically constructive feedback.  If you think that your Department is doing something particularly well, please let us know: we might be able to share this good practice with other Departments in the School.

With your help we might be able to help future students in the Department by drawing on your experiences – don't forget previous students will have done the same for you!   All comments are treated anonymously so your Department will not know who has said what.

The review will take place on 23-24 May.  The venue for the review and the final timetable for the day have not yet been finalised, but the Department will let you know these details in due course.  The purpose of this note is to let you know that the review is taking place, and to ask you to note these dates in your diary so that you might briefly attend.

If you cannot attend but would like to submit comments, please do send them to me at|.  If you do plan attend, it will be helpful if you could send me a short email in advance to let me know.  This will give me some idea about the amount of tea/coffee/biscuits I need to order for you.


With thanks,

Mark Thomson,
Review Team Secretary