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Departmental Internships

At the beginning of each academic year Polis recruits a number of MSc students for unpaid internships. Interns may choose from a variety of topics and time commitment levels, which vary year by year based on the needs of Polis. In the past our interns have been involved in Polis social media, the Annual Polis Journalism Conference, reporting for our blog, amongst other tasks.            

Incoming students can expect to receive information regarding internship openings and the application process from Polis at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.   

2016-17 MSc Student Internships

Polis: Journalism and Society think-tank

You will have plenty of academic work to do when you get to LSE, but we’d like to offer you a flexible and interesting way to connect your learning with the ‘real world’ of media. We invite you to consider an internship at Polis, the journalism think-tank based in the Department of Media and Communications.            

The Polis Director, Professor Charlie Beckett, is an experienced journalist who has worked previously at the BBC and ITN. Polis works with media practitioners to create lectures, debates, seminars, research reports and an annual conference. Polis also has very lively social media platforms. We need your help to create all of this.            

If you are interested apply here:  Polis Student Internships online application form. The deadline is Monday 28 September 2016 at 09.00.            

Have a look at the Polis website and blog to see what we have done in the past. You can also follow the Polis Twitter account @PolisLSE and the Director @CharlieBeckett.

How much time?            

The unpaid internships are flexible to suit your timetable. The commitment might be as little as a few hours across the term or it might be a small but regular engagement every week. We will have regular short meetings during term time with each intern team.            

What skills are we looking for?            

We are looking for some experience and/or interest in developing the following skills:            

  • Marketing/ Social media - knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.              
  • Journalism skills - writing, blogging, interviewing, video, stills photography, editing.              
  • Event production - publicity, marketing, event organisations, guest-booking              
  • Designing – knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, Wordpress              
  • Research skills - to work with journalism research fellows on literature reviews, background research, case studies, interviews.             

What types of roles are available?            

We are looking to fill the following positions. In your application form, please let us know what your role preferences are and why.            

  • Social Media Team: Interns to help with Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and Instagram              
  • Reporting Team: Interns   who can document Polis events via Photography, Video and Blog-writing     
  • Publicity/Events Team:   Interns to help with web and print Design, Event coordination and Marketing
  • Research assistants:   There are also opportunities to assist with research tasks. We will advertise these roles on ad hoc basis throughout the academic year.              

What do I get out of it?            

We hope that you will enjoy working with the Polis team and with your colleagues. The internships are organised in teams so you’re never alone!            

You will make great contacts with media practitioners and we hope that you will also learn applied skills that will be useful in your career. We are also happy to give references to Polis interns.            

Former Polis interns have gone on to work for a variety of media organisations such as Time Magazine, BBC, Al Jazeera and many NGOs and marketing or public relations firms.            

If you need more information please contact Polis Manager Julia Ziemer at J.Ziemer@lse.ac.uk.