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Interpreting Your Results

This page is designed to give information to students from the Department of Media and Communications who have not been awarded their degrees, and should be read in conjunction with the Department's MSc Handbook and DIssertation Guide and the Registry's webpages on Re-entry

Note that your previous candidate number will be invalid.  You must check LFY for your current candidate number.

1. Fail with Re-sits

There is a variety of situations in which a degree may not have been awarded - these are listed below.


Please note that failing only a half unit course [see point (iii) below] does not necessarily mean that a degree will not be awarded in the current year.


Students on the MSc Global Media & Communications (USC) are required to complete and pass four units at LSE in order to graduate from the double degree programme.  If you do not initially complete four units, you must either (i) re-sit until all LSE courses are passed or (ii) replace the failed course by registering for additional courses at USC.  Contact your programme director if you have any queries on this issue.


i. Assessment incomplete


A student must have attempted all elements of assessment for each course within the MSc programme to be considered eligible for the award of a degree. If any part of the assessment for any course has not been attempted (e.g. the MY451 exam for MC4M1) the student is not eligible to graduate and must complete the course the following year. Marks already gained in, e.g. the coursework component of MC4M1, would be carried forward and combined with the MY451 exam component marks the following year.


ii. Bad Fail marks


A Bad Fail mark (39 or less for MC-prefixed courses) in any course will result in an overall Fail for the degree. See Calendar for a list of Bad Fail marks for all courses offered at LSE.


iii. Failing a half unit course


A Fail (but not a Bad Fail) in a course of 0.5 unit value does not need to be compensated, i.e. you can fail a 0.5 unit course and still be awarded the MSc without a drop in class of award.


iv. Failing a course/courses to the value of 1.0 unit


If you have a Fail (but not a Bad Fail) in a course(s) to the value of 1.0 unit, you will be required to re-sit unless the fail can be compensated by either:

  • a mark of at least 60 in: a) one full unit course; or b) each of two half unit courses; or

  • an aggregate mark of 165 in the non-failed courses.

If compensated by either of the above options, then a Fail will automatically result in a drop in the overall award classification given to you (e.g. if you would otherwise have been eligible for a Merit, your overall classification would drop to a Pass).


v. Failing a course/courses critical to assessment:

  • All students must pass MC499 (Dissertation) to be eligible for the award of the MSc degree.

  • All MSc Media and Communications (Research) students must pass MC499 and MC4M2 to be eligible for the award of the MSc degree.

A Fail in a course/courses critical to assessment cannot be compensated; you must re-sit and pass the course/s before a degree can be awarded.


Access to Moodle


Using your LSE login details, you must enrol on Moodle in order to be able to access the most up to date teaching material, assessment information and documents.

2. Final Fail - when both previous attempts at a paper/papers have been unsuccessful and an award cannot be made)

If you have not been successful in obtaining your degree, you will be entitled to re-sit any failed courses on one occasion only. 


If, following re-sits, you have still not been successful in obtaining your degree, your classification will state 'No Award Made'.  Unfortunately, this means that you have failed to be awarded a degree from LSE. 


Challenging results - Appeals


The School has an appeals procedure for students who wish to appeal their overall classification.  Full information on this procedure is available on the Appeals webpage.

3. Re-sitting or Deferring Assessments

General (LSE) information


(i) Students are automatically re-entered for assessment in the next academic session on any failed or deferred courses. You will receive email confirmation of your re-entry from Registry by the end of March 2018.


(ii) For full details of the re-entry/re-sitting process, please see Registry's web pages on Re-Entry.



Specific information for re-sitting and deferring MC courses:


(i) Courses assessed by un/seen examination


If the syllabus of a particular course has changed, a special re-sit examination paper, based on the syllabus you studied, will be set. Re-sit examinations take place in Summer Term each year alongside examinations for current year students.


(ii) Courses assessed by coursework


Submission date


Students resubmitting coursework for examination in 2018 should do so by 12:00 (midday) Monday 23rd April 2018.


Essay titles


Students should either rewrite the failed piece of work or select another summative essay title from the list of summative coursework questions for courses taught in 206/17.


Submission procedure


Coursework must be submitted online via Moodle before the deadline.  Essay coversheets are available on Moodle.  Instructions on how to format your essay and how to name the file are in the MSc Handbook.


(iii) Courses assessed by both coursework and examination (MC4M1 and MC4M2)


Re-sit candidates are required to re-sit only the failed component/s of the course, i.e. coursework or examination/s, but you may, if you wish, retake both components in order to attempt to raise the transcript mark. If you choose to re-sit only the failed component(s), the successful component mark(s) will be "banked" and added to the re-sit mark to give an overall mark for the course. If you choose to re-sit a component which was previously passed, your 2016/17 mark will replace your previous mark even if the mark is lower.


(iv) MC499 Dissertation
Students resubmitting dissertations for examination in 2018 should normally do so by 12:00 (midday) Monday, 20th August 2018, using the same submission procedure as for coursework (above). 


Note that Dissertations must be submitted to Moodle AND in hard copy to the Department. 


The postal address is:

MSc Programmes Manager (Regulation & Assessment)

Department of Media & Communications

London School of Economics and Political Science

Houghton Street

London WC2A 2AE


Students re-sitting or deferrring ONLY MC499 Dissertation are entitled to resubmit by the earlier date of the last day of the LSE Lent Term - 12:00 (midday,) Friday 23rd March 2018. If successful, the degree can then be awarded correspondingly earlier in the year, July 2018 rather than December 2018.


No formal supervision is available to re-sit (or deferral) students but your former dissertation supervisor will send you brief feedback. In addition, you may contact the Dissertation Officers for advice and guidance. Their details will be posted on Moodle towards the end of the LSE Summer Term.You may re-submit your existing dissertation with revisions, or you may change the topic and submit a new dissertation. Please note, given that supervision is not available to re-sit or deferral students, most students choose to submit a variation of their original dissertation.


(v) Re-sitting assessments for courses taken outside the Department


For failed courses taken outside the Department of Media and Communications (including MY451/MY452 as part of MC4M1/2), you must contact the appropriate department for specific information concerning re-sitting.


(vi) Access to Moodle


Using your LSE login details, you should enrol on Moodle in order to be able to access the most up to date teaching material, assessment information and documents.