MSc Politics and Communication

Here are some suggested readings that will prove helpful to you in preparing for your arrival at LSE, and for finding out about courses you may be interested in taking.

Don't feel you have to read everything on the list - the intention is simply to give you an idea of the level and range of material covered.

Some of the books, are expensive: we don't expect you to buy them but you may find them in your library.

  • Allan, Stuart (2005) (ed) Journalism: Critical Issues, Berkshire: Open University Press
  • Bennett, Lance and R. Entman (2001) Mediated Politics. CUP
  • Cammaerts, B. and Carpentier, N. (eds.) (2007) Reclaiming the Media: Communication Rights and Democratic Media Roles. Bristol: Intellect
  • Coleman, S. and J. Blumer (2009). The Internet and Democratic Citizenship: Theory, Practice and Policy. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  • Curran, James and Gurevitch, Michael (ed) (2005) Mass media and society, London: Arnold
  • Esser, Frank and Pfetsch, Barbara (2004) Comparing Political Communications, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Gunther, Richard and Anthony Mughan (2000) Democracy and the Media: A comparative perspective. CUP
  • Hallin, D. and P. Mancini (2003) Comparing Media Systems. CUP
  • Louw, Eric (2005) The Media and the Political Process, Sage
  • Matos, Carolina (2008) Journalism and Political Democracy in Brazil, Lanham, New York and Plymouth, Lexington Books
  • McNair, Brian (2007) An Introduction to Political Communications, London: Routledge
  • Norris, Pippa (2000) A virtuous circle: political communications in postindustrial societies, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Scammell, M. and Semetko (eds.) (2000) Media, Journalism and Democracy. Ashgate
  • Shirky, C. (2008). Here Come Everybody: the Power of Organizing Without Organizations. London, Penguin Press.
  • Swanson,D. and P. Mancini (1996) Politics, Media and Modern Democracy. Praeger.
  • Voltmer, Katrin (2006) Mass Media and Political Communication in New Democracies. Routledge
  • Waisbord, Silvio (2000) Watchdog Journalism in South America: News, Accountability and Democracy, New York: Columbia