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Newsletter for New Students


Welcome to the Department of Media and Communications| at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

While you are making preparations to come to London, this Newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with events and activities for new students.  We hope this will help you to prepare for your year at LSE. 

Our teaching and research change from year to year, new staff are recruited and others move on.  We make every effort to ensure that the programmes and courses are offered as described here and that any changes would add to, rather than detract from, your opportunities.  We update these pages when necessary, so do please bear in mind that things may change between when you submit your application and when you start your study with us.

For the inside track on studying at LSE, you can read the Students@LSE| blog.


Orientation 2014|

Click here for all information on what lies ahead during the Media and Communications Orientation Week.


LSE Public Events for September to December now available online!|

Everyone is welcome to attend LSE’s public events, where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences can be heard. The programme for the coming months includes lectures, debates, discussions, concerts and exhibitions.


Take a look around LSE|

Excited about LSE next year? We are too! Want to get a better idea of what to expect on campus before you arrive? Take a look here for some images of what awaits you!


My Year at LSE| 

This is intended to give you a general idea of the events that happen throughout your year at LSE. Each student’s experience will be unique and the timetabling of classes, assessments and supervision will vary according to the courses which make up your programme. 


Quantitative Analysis

Part of your methodology training consists of a compulsory course MY451: Quantitative Analysis 1|, which counts for 20% of the total mark of  MC4M1 - Methods of Research in Media & Communications (including Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)| .



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Conditional offers

If you have received a conditional offer, you must meet the conditions of that offer and send all the required documents to the Graduate Admissions Office as soon as possible. You will not be able to start classes until you have done this. Please use the online application tracker system|

Staff activity in 2014-15

Dr Nick Anstead| -on sabbatical Michaelmas Term 2014.