Student/Staff Liaison Committee

The Department of Media and Communications has a Student/Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), which comprises two representatives, known as 'reps', from each of the MSc programmes. The Committee meets once a term and provides a forum for students to voice their views, via their reps, about their programmes and to make suggestions on issues that may affect the student body as a whole.

Names and contact details of student representatives, together with agendas and minutes of SSLC meetings will be published on the department's Moodle pages.

It is important that programme representatives are elected as early in the Michaelmas Term as possible. These representatives will then elect one person to represent them on the Taught Graduate Students' Forum, convened by the Dean of the Graduate School, the first meeting of which is normally in early November of each year.

The SSLC should represent the views and experiences of all students on the programme, and we encourage all students to consider putting themselves forward for this.  Even if you haven't been a student rep at your previous university, now might be the time to take on this role. 


  Meet our Student Reps from 2015/16 

MSc Media, Communication & Development

Johann Barbe

"Although I was born in Paris, I don’t feel completely French; I spent my early life between Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Belgium. Having fallen in love with the diverse cultures of the continent, I decided to come to the UK to study Geography and African Studies at SOAS. Since my degree, I worked for the SOAS Students’ Union for a year and travelled for another in South East Asia.

Being a rep at LSE has enabled me to meet a lot of new people from very different backgrounds and has pushed me to get involved in the course and everything that LSE has to offer in a way that would have been more difficult if I was not directly part of it. It takes a bit of time from your week but the reward is much bigger! The best of part of all is the small gatherings with your programs and lecturers. I also really enjoy speaking to students and staff to try to find solutions for everyone to have a better time during their Masters, as stressful as they can be sometimes."


Sadi Pokharel

Student opinion is crucial for a smooth running of an institution like LSE, and as an SSLC rep I have been able to communicate important everyday issues faced by students in my department to the staff and help resolve them. It has been a very valuable experience being part of a team that works towards improving the overall student experience at the university.


MSc Global Media & Communications - USC

John New

"No greater honour and joy knowing that the faculty and staff really listen and make the effort to act on the feedback provided. Knowing the feedback I present on behalf of my peers is trusted and taken seriously makes being an SSLC representative worth it."
John is an aspiring Global Organizations developer




Tanita Enderes

"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my fellow students at the LSE. I am passionate about improving our university experience and to explore exciting opportunities post-graduation. I really enjoyed the SSLC meetings, which gave me the chance to put across the views of my fellow students and to work together with other student representatives. It is a really rewarding role that gives you the opportunity to assuring the quality of our program and representing students’ opinions on the wider student experience and additionally to learn new skills in the process. I am looking forward to build a strong alumni network together that will give us a broad exposure and opportunities in the future."   


 MSc Global Media & Communications - Fudan

Nolwenn de Gibon

I was born and raised in Normandy, France, but later went to boarding school in Paris. I completed my UG at SOAS, studying International Management and Mandarin, which I started studying in middle school back in Normandy. I have lived in Beijing for a year, and I am really excited to be going to Shanghai this coming September. After graduating from SOAS, I went back to Paris where I interned at two companies for 6 months each, which gave me some time to think about coming back to London for masters.

The student rep system at the LSE is a great way to represent your classmates but also to interact with the academic staff outside the classroom. It really gives a voice to students in both the school's academic and non-academic matters. Being a rep, you realize that the LSE administration is open to feedback and change, even if the results might not be visible before we leave.

MSc Media & Communications


Virginia Stagni

"They often call me a 'volcano.' As student rep, I feel so proud to be part of a talented group of friends and peers, whom I am delighted to help and represent. Engaging in direct dialogue with the faculty and having the possibility to raise questions regarding the education system of the department is a great opportunity. This experience is immensely fulfilling and I am already dreading the day it will come to an end."



Jules Soula

"As part of a newly-created programme among the Department of Media and Communications, I've had the opportunity to express, on behalf of my fellow students', our first impressions and observations. Furthermore, along with the other programme reps, we have built a fruitful relationship with staff members. I think we have managed to do so because we all wanted to make our Department as respectful of students' queries as possible".


 MSc Media & Communications (Governance)

Aarshin Karande is curious about consciousness and beliefs as a confluence between media and culture. He is advancing "mindful media" to consider the implications of media and communication practice, production, and policy on public consciousness. An alumnus of the University of Washington Bothell, Aarshin describes himself as a "Mindful Media Artist-Scientist," and is an artist, media producer, researcher, and Indian Classical musician by training.

As a representative for his cohort, Aarshin hopes to bridge the gap between students and faculty and their collective pursuit to enrich the department's world-renowned and cutting-edge reputation.



MSc Politics &  Communication

Saanya Gulati

Saanya has worked in diverse communication roles spanning India's public, private and non-profit sectors. She is a passionate writer and blogs about contemporary politics, lifestyle, and travel at On completing her course at the LSE she is keen to work in public affairs or political communications. 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a course representative, as it has allowed me to frequently interact with my fellow classmates, and voice their concerns in the SSLC, or assist them in finding the appropriate forum through which they can solve their problems. My co-representative and I took the initiative to regularly organise social gatherings that have helped our programme to grow into a cohesive unit and develop closer ties with each other." 



Ema Stastna

Ema graduated with a Masters from Charles University in Prague, Security Studies, focusing on non-Western world and international conflict. During her studies, she has completed study stays in Ireland, Hong Kong and France. She has professional experience in consulting, event management and marketing. Ema is a passionate world traveller and sportswoman with particular weaknesses for mountain hiking, running and gastronomy.

"Being a programme representative together with my co-representive Saanya is a great pleasure, especially considering the relatively short period of time and load of study we are exposed to. This position gives me the unique opportunity to get to know my classmates better through various social events that we regularly organise, to improve our study environment via SSLC and to contribute to the overall coherence of our programme."