Student/Staff Liaison Committee

The Department of Media and Communications has a Student/Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), which comprises two representatives, known as 'reps', from each of the MSc programmes. The Committee meets once a term and provides a forum for students to voice their views, via their reps, about their programmes and to make suggestions on issues that may affect the student body as a whole.

Names and contact details of student representatives, together with agendas and minutes of SSLC meetings will be published on the department's Moodle pages.

It is important that programme representatives are elected as early in the Michaelmas Term as possible. These representatives will then elect one person to represent them on the Taught Graduate Students' Forum, convened by the Dean of the Graduate School, the first meeting of which is normally in early November of each year.

The SSLC should represent the views and experiences of all students on the programme, and we encourage all students to consider putting themselves forward for this.  Even if you haven't been a student rep at your previous university, now might be the time to take on this role. 


Meet our Student Reps from 2013/14 


Yvonne Luo


"I feel very lucky to be the Student Rep for this group of talented fellow students. It is fulfilling trying to help others with their concerns and it is enjoyable having social events with everyone in the program. Looking back, I really appreciate the close relationship I have developed with faculty members and staffs in the department and the bond I have built with my fellow students thanks to the role of a Student Rep. It helps me understand the school better and becomes an important part of my experience at LSE."


Skye Featherstone


Skye Featherstone is pursuing the Double Degree MSc/MA in Global Media and Communications, on the USC track. He has always had an interest in international language, culture, and media. After studying abroad in New Delhi, India and Taipei, Taiwan learning Hindi and Mandarin, he recognized the value of pursuing a higher degree in London, with students from around the world. While studying at the LSE he hones his practical skills in video and website production, computer coding, and digital marketing in extra-curricular courses like <CodeAtLSE> and Squared Online Digital Marketing Certification. In the classroom he is particularly interested in communication infrastructure, innovation, corporate social responsibility and convergent media cultures. He has greatly enjoyed acting as a student representative for the MSc Global Media and Communications program, where he participated in departmental meetings, sustainability efforts, and acting as liaison between students and staff. He suggests the student rep experience to others, and welcomes any questions|.