My Year at LSE

This is an overview of a typical year at LSE for an MSc student in the Department of Media and Communications.

This is intended to give you a general idea of the events that happen throughout your year at LSE. Each student’s experience will be unique and the timetabling of classes, assessments and supervision will vary according to the courses which make up your programme.

My Year at LSE [pdf]|

Other areas to note:

  • From the Spring after you you receive your offer we will send you monthly emails and we will update our Newsletter.
  • You may be used to choosing your courses before you arrive at university. At LSE, the Online course selection facility is available from Orientation week and you have around three weeks in which to make your final choices.
  • There will be early payment discounts for fees. Please contact the Fees Division for further information and for any other details regarding scholarships, fees and finance, loans and bursaries.
  • You can see the reading lists for each programme but don't worry we don’t expect you to read everything and we understand that it is not always easy to obtain the books when overseas.
  • The Graduate Admissions team will deal with your CAS/VISA/Transcripts/ references please contact them directly.
  • You can apply before you have met the conditions for English Language, but you’ll need to meet the conditions before you arrive at LSE.
  • Please contact the Accommodation Department direct for queries about halls of residence, etc.
  • Make sure you check the term dates as you are expected to remain in London during term time.

If you have any queries, please contact us at|.