Course Choice 2012-13

Course and Seminar Registration

Information about your courses (sometimes referred to as modules) and your programme can be found in the Calendar|, which has just been updated for 2011-12.  You will be able to register for courses online using LFY from10am on Monday 26th September 2011.

You will be required to register for four units.  With the exception of the Dissertation (MC499) and the full unit Methods course (MC4M2), all courses offered by this department are half unit courses.  As a general guide, most half unit courses are taught in one weekly hour long lecture and one weekly hour long seminar.  This will give you an overall idea of the number of classroom hours that you can expect for each course.   

All course guides are listed here:|.  Courses in the Department of Media & Communications are prefixed with MC.  Each course guide sets out information on availability (there may be a limit on numbers or a restriction on which students can choose the course), course content, the total number of teaching hours, the forms of assessment and an indicative reading list.

Course Availability

Full unit courses and MC4M1/2 are taught across Michaelmas and Lent Term.  Most half unit courses are taught in either Michaelmas or Lent Term. 

Teaching Hours

As a rule, most half unit courses in this department are taught as a weekly lecture (1 hour) and a weekly seminar (1 hour), so two hours for each half unit course.  Check the Calendar| entry for each course for further details and for information on courses outside this department.

The core courses in this department are taught as follows:

MC408/MC418 Theories & Concepts I & II - Weekly lecture (1 hour) and weekly seminar (1.5 hours)

MC4M1/2 (Advanced) Methods of Research - Michaelmas Term, weekly Lecture (1 hour), weekly Statistics lecture (2 hours), weekly Statistics class (1 hour).  Lent Term, two workshops (3 hours)

MC499 Dissertation Lent Term, Symposium (2 hours), two group supervisions (2 hours). Summer Term, Symposium (2 hours), group supervision (2 hours).  Ad hoc individual supervision throughout Lent Term and Summer Term.