Academic Year 2012-13

Michaelmas Term

Thursday 4 October - Friday 14 December 2012



Lent Term

Monday 14 January - Friday 22 March 2012



Summer Term

Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July 2013


Michaellmas Term weeks are referred to as MT1, MT2, MT3 etc, Lent Term weeks are referred to as LT1, LT2, LT3 etc and Summer Term weeks are referred to as ST1, ST2, ST3 etc.   So for example, MT1 is the week from Monday 8 to Friday 12 October 2012.  


Teaching takes place during the Michaelmas and Lent Terms.

Coursework - MC courses

Coursework for MT courses must be submitted in LT2, coursework for LT courses must be submitted in ST2.  For courses outside the Department of Media and Communications, please contact the home department.


Exams will take place in the Summer Term.  The provisional exam timetable is released on the last day of Lent Term.   This department will request that MC exams are scheduled in the earlier exam period, starting from ST3.  The provisional exam timetable will be sent to departments and students on the last day of Lent Term, therefore we cannot confirm when any exam will take place until this time, but students should certainly be prepared for MC exams to take place from the second week of Summer Term (ST3) and bear this in mind when writing up MC coursework, which will be due for submission at the beginning of Summer Term.



Your dissertation submission date will be 15th August for students on the MSc Global Media & Communications programme and for all other students, the last Friday in August.  Dissertation supervision ceases on the last day of Summer Term  We recommend that you remain in London throughout the Summer Term, to make the most of both the availability of your supervisor and your access to the LSE Library. You are not required to be at LSE during the summer break and you are not required to submit your dissertation in person, you can send it by post or by courier (but not by email!).

Academic Advisers

In the first week of Michaelmas Term each student is allocated an 'Academic Adviser' who is responsible chiefly for their academic welfare. Academic Advisers may be re-allocated early in the Lent Term after submission of students' preliminary dissertation plans, in order to provide the best possible match between students' dissertation topics and faculty research interests and expertise.