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  • New Animisms (A Provocation)
    How should we deal with the sorts of automated predictive systems that increasingly impact our lives? Mireille Hildebrandt of Vrije Universiteit in Brussels argues that we must learn to interact with the new mindless agents that now saturate what she terms “our onlife world”. Law-as-we-know-it is premised on the fundamental distinction between mind as active, and matter as passive. This distinction no […]
  • Bittersweet Mysteries of Machine Learning (A Provocation)
    Frank Pasquale, professor of law at the University of Maryland, reflects on the roles of machines and machine learning in today’s society, and to what extent ‘opaque’ algorithmic systems should be subject to human oversight.  In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the mission-controlling computer HAL acts mysteriously, and ultimately malevolently. The theme of “technics out of control” animated several other […]
  • Whither public service broadcasting in Scotland?
    In Scotland, the debate on the future of the BBC, and Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) more generally, has taken a specific form shaped by a longstanding demands for greater autonomy. Philip Schlesinger, Professor in Cultural Policy at the University of Glasgow and Visiting Professor in the Department of Media and Communication at the LSE, argues that the Scottish debate about the future […]
  • Can the new Charter Protect BBC Independence?
    2016 is set to be a significant year for the BBC, with a new settlement on the Royal Charter that underpins the Corporation’s governance and funding arrangements due to be agreed. As part of its policy work in this area, LSE’s Media Policy Project has published a number of blog posts on the topic of the Charter Review, hosted a […]
  • Who will be invited to the fourth industrial revolution?
    This week, various leaders from governments and major organisations (as well as the odd film star or two) descended on Davos for the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering. With the theme for this year’s meeting ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, LSE alumna Anri van der Spuy argues that policy challenges related to digital development(s) should focus on promoting meaningful access […]