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  • Latin American countries join the US and UK amongst the highest performers in a new ‘Index on Digital Life’
    Jonny Shipp, Public Affairs Director at Telefónica S.A. and Visiting Fellow at LSE, explores the initial findings from the recently published Index on Digital Life, and examines which countries are performing well – and those that still have work to do. We live in a time of huge social and economic change, driven by digitalisation. It is vital that this change, and the […]
  • Is the BBC safe in Ofcom’s hands?
    Ofcom may soon regulate the BBC, yet we know it already struggles to treat the public as citizens and not just consumers. Peter Lunt, Professor of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester, and Sonia Livingstone, Professor in the Media Department at the LSE, set out some of the key challenges. The recently-published White Paper, A BBC for the future: […]
  • Inside the Information Society: Enhanced cooperation for enhanced cooperation?
    David Souter, Visiting Senior Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, looks at the Internet governance arrangement known as “enhanced cooperation”. This post builds on an earlier piece that he wrote for the Media Policy Project based on his experience as an independent expert in ICT and Internet policy. Last December the UN General Assembly agreed to set up the […]
  • Why the UK’s creative industries are better off in the EU
    The UK’s creative industries, which include film, music, television, video games and publishing, among other sectors, account for some of the most recognisable products exported by the country around the world. But how does EU membership affect these industries and what would the picture look like following a Brexit? Sally Broughton Micova writes that EU membership provides a number of […]
  • Algorithmic Fairness: From social good to a mathematical framework
    Following a special workshop convened by the Media Policy Project on ‘Automation, Prediction and Digital Inequalities’, Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Associate Professor at the School of Computing, University of Utah, here outlines the case for interrogating the inner workings of algorithms. A summary of the workshop will be available on this website shortly. The algorithm is out of the box. Decision-by-algorithm is no […]