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  • Greek media in disarray
    Maria Kyriakidou, lecturer at the University of East Anglia and researcher on the Euro Crisis in the Press project, discusses a new report on Media Policy and Independent Journalism in Greece and explains the current challenges for Greek media. There is perhaps no other field that better illustrates how deeply ingrained clientelism is in Greek political culture than the media sector. Politicians, […]
  • Whither media literacy policy?
    The LSE’s Sonia Livingstone, research director of the EU Kids Online Network and Parenting for a Digital Future (www.parenting.digital), looks at the stagnation in UK and EU media literacy policies and offers some suggestions for improvement. The statements below are, to the best of my knowledge, the (only) two places where media literacy is officially built into regulation in the […]
  • Why I have signed a letter to all MPs calling for greater Parliamentary scrutiny of surveillance laws
    An alliance of academics, led by the LSE’s Andrew Murray and the University of East Anglia’s Paul Bernal, have sent an open letter to UK MPs calling for greater Parliamentary scrutiny of surveillance laws. Here Andrew Murray explains further. Today a letter signed by myself and 37 other leading academics and researchers was sent to all 650 UK MPs. In […]
  • What is wrong with the Greek media?
    LSE Phd researcher Vaios Papanagnou reviews a new report on Media Policy and Independent Journalism in Greece and draws an analysis of the state of the country’s journalism. The unravelling of the Greek media system has been spectacular. This was not only due to its centrality in the public space, but more importantly because of the intensity of its destruction. The annihilation of […]
  • Why EU authorities are taking a closer look at Facebook’s privacy practices
    On 13 May 2015, the Belgian Privacy Commission issued a recommendation as part of an ongoing investigation into Facebook’s privacy practices. Brendan Van Alsenoy and Valerie Verdoodt describe why Facebook is facing increased regulatory scrutiny and summarize the highlights of the recent recommendation. In November last year, Facebook announced it would be updating its policies and terms. Changes were going […]