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  • Age Verification for Online Pornography – no silver bullet, but a good start
    Following a meeting held at LSE earlier this month about the regulation of online pornography, Dr Andy Monaghan from Middlesex University and  LSE MSc Media Communications Governance student DaYoung Yoo provide an update about the provisions of the Digital Economy Act that are designed to make the internet safer for children.  A significant step has been taken to make the […]
  • MOUs promise nothing; media mergers require close scrutiny by the FCC for their impacts on Latinas/os
    Mergers have become an increasing frequent part of the American media landscape, and alongside this consolidation interest groups have sprung up to challenge them on the grounds of minority representation, In new work, Jason A. Smith and Randy Abreu take a close look at the effects on Latina/o representation of the 2011 merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. They write that while the memorandum […]
  • Taming Big Tech
    This article was originally published on LSE News In the early days of the internet, the view that it would liberate, inform and empower people as a force for good was widely held. But following a series of scandals, where social media companies are alleged to have breached spending limits and data consent rules in the UK and the US, such […]
  • The Future of Welsh-language broadcaster S4C: Funding and Remit
    By Dr Helen Davies and Dr Christina Papagiannouli In March 2018 the long awaited independent review of S4C under the chairmanship of Euryn Ogwen Williams was published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Its aim is to assess the current remit, funding arrangement and governance structure of S4C and provide recommendations on how S4C can continue to […]
  • In the furore over adults’ data being exploited by social media companies, who looks out for the kids? New survey shows parents want more protection for their teens
    The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force next month, and proposes that companies should gain parental consent before processing the personal data of children under a certain age. But what do parents think that age should be? In this blogpost, LSE’s Sonia Livingstone and Kjartan Ólafsson of the University of Akureyri present the findings from a new UK study of parents with […]