Contributors are encouraged to submit working papers that address the social, political, economic and cultural context of media and communication, whether this relates to forms, institutions, audiences or experiences, and their implications at global, national, regional and/or local level. Papers from academics and PhD students, addressing any of the following themes are welcome:

  • Communication, Presentation and Difference
  • Globalisation and Comparative Studies
  • Innovation, Governance and Policy
  • Democracy, Politics and Journalism 
  • Media and Identity
  • Media and New Media Literacies
  • Culture and Meaning in Media and Communications

Media@LSE MSC dissertation series

In addition to the Working Paper Series, in the Michaelmas Term each year, we invite selected Master's students from the preceding year to submit their dissertations which are hosted in a separate part of this site|.


All papers should conform to the following format

  • 6,000-9,000 words (excluding bibliography, including footnotes) 
  • 200-500 word abstract 
  • Headings and sub-headings are encouraged
  • The Harvard system of referencing should be used!
  • Papers should be prepared as a PC compatible Microsoft Word file.
  • Graphs, pictures and tables should be included as appropriate in the same file as the paper.
  • The paper should be sent by email to the Editor, Bart Cammaerts, at:

Style guide is available here|.


What is the review procedure?

  • The working papers are reviewed internally by the editors.
  • The reply will indicate one of the four options: (a) accept without changes; (b) accept with minor changes; (c) allow resubmission after major changes; or (d) reject.
  • If a paper is accepted, the author is kindly asked to address possible minor linguistic or other stylistic errors, in addition to other comments.