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EU Kids Online

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In brief

Children in Spain are using the internet more at home than at school. In 2010 they spent less time online than the European average but since the use of mobile devices has spread among children the time spent and access has increased (Source: Smartphone use report, Protégés 2014). Spanish parents tend to manage their children’s safety by taking a restrictive approach that protects children from many of the risks but may also limit the development of their online levels of skills and opportunities.



  • The Spanish team took part in the Net Children Go Mobile project - here is the Spanish Report
  • The Spanish team signed a collaboration agreement with INTECO - Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías de la Comunicación (National Institute for Communication Technologies) - an organisation dependent upon the Spanish Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo. As a centre of excellence, INTECO is a service offered by the Spanish Government to work towards the development of cybersecurity as an instrument for social transformation and for developing new fields of innovation.
  • The team has been a partner of Google in their Family Safety Center in Spain since 2011.
  • The team is also member of the Comité de Expertos para la Seguridad de los Menores en Internet (Expert’s Committee for the Safety of Minors on the Internet), which is coordinated by Protégeles (Awareness node and helpline for Spain).
  • The team received some funding from the Ministry of Science and Research in order to join on a self-founded basis the Net Children Go Mobile research network.
  • The team was given some financial support for research by the Basque Government due to its research contributions.
  • The team has just joined some working groups about Minors and the Internet set out by, a public corporate entity attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR), which is responsible for promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain.

Spanish team

Maialen Garmendia has a PhD in Sociology and has been teaching at the University of the Basque Country since 1990. Her interests are in social research techniques, statistics and audience research and new communication technologies. Since 1997 she has been on the editorial board of ZER Revista de Estudios de Comunicación. Areas of expertise: internet use, teenagers, gender differences, qualitative methods, quantitative methods


Carmelo Garitaonandia is Professor of Journalism at the University of the Basque Country (with a PhD in Political Sciences, a BA in Law and a Master's degree in Information and Audiovisual Communication from the University of Paris). His books include: Decentralisation in the global era and TV on your doorstep.


Gemma Martínez Fernández has a BA in Journalism from the University of the Basque Country. She is a PhD candidate with a dissertation on "Youth, ICTs and the role of parental mediation". She has also collaborated on a variety of papers on youth and new technologies.


Miguel Angel Casado has been a researcher at the University of the Basque Country since 2003, with an MA in European Integration and a PhD in Communication Sciences. He has published various articles including EU Media Programmes: little investment, few results and A television to save a language and a culture: the Basque case.

Estafania Jimenez ES

Estefanía Jiménez has a PhD in Communication and has been teaching at the University of the Basque Country since 2005. Her main interests are in audience research, television and social media and qualitative methods. Lately she has been working on media literacy and school communities.



Paula Pineda-Martínez has a BA in Communications and Public Relations and Masters in Social Communications from UPV/EHU. She currently works as a researcher at the School of Communications (UPV/EHU) with the Basque Government’s Pre-Doctoral Scholarship Programme. Her research focuses on  involvement and dialogue with publics, organisational communications and new media. She has been part of EU Kids Online research network since 2013.



Maialen Garmendia Larrañag
Departamento de Sociología
Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio de Donostia-San Sebastián
Universidad del País Vasco
Campus de Gipuzkoa
Plaza Oñati, nº 3 - 20018
Donostia-San Sebastian
Tel: 946 01 5217, 943 01 7025