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EU Kids Online

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Bojana Lobe
Centre for Methodology and Informatics
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Ljubljana
Kardeljeva pl. 5
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Bojana Lobe

bojana_100x117Bojana Lobe is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, member of International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches editorial board and author of the book Integration of Online Research Methods. Current research interests include mixed methods research, new technologies in social science data collection, systematic comparative methods and methodological aspects of researching children's experiences. 


Sandra Muha

Muha_100x129 Sandra Muha is currently a graduate student in Social Informatics at
 the Faculty of Social Studies (University of Ljubljana). From her
  undergraduate studies onwards, she has cooperated with Centre
 for Methodology and Informatics, where she works as a project
 assistant and a data analyst.



National reports

Here we provide links to a summary of the EU Kids Online 2010 survey findings (European and national) in the national language, an internet safety guide for children in parents in the national language, national recommendations from the EU Kids Online findings for policy makers and stakeholders, and other national materials if available.

Slovenian report| 

Summary of survey findings| 

National recommendations| 

Internet safety guide  |

Country Factsheet Slovenia|

Survey questionnaires

The EU Kids Online fieldwork involved several questionnaires. First, a face to face interview with one parent. Second, a face to face interview with the child. Then a self-completion interview for sensitive questions, with one version for 9-10 year olds and one version for 11-16 year olds.

Questionnaire for parent|

Questionnaire for child|

Self-completion questionnaire for child (Children age 9-10)|

Self-completion questionnaire for child (Children age 11-16)|









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