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In brief

EU Kids Online results in Slovenia place the country in the "Unprotected networkers" cluster, meaning that children are more adventurous and explore more but are also less protected. Slovenian children go online at an earlier age than their European counterparts, with an average age of eight. Around three quarters of children go online every day and engage in a number of activities higher than the European average. A half of Slovenian children use internet in their rooms, and a third on mobile phones and tablets. Almost two thirds of Slovenian children is using social networking sites which puts them above European average.

Forty-one per cent of parents do not mediate their children's activities. This is coupled with the fact that 14% of Slovenian children report contact risks which suggests more should be done to involve parents in their children's online use.




  • EU Kids Online in Slovenia is the first research project of its kind, informing policy and awareness initiatives.
  • The Slovenian Safer Internet Centre (SAFE.SI) and the Slovenian Hotline for reporting hate speech and child sexual abuse images on the Internet (Spletno oko) have implemented the EU Kids Online findings in the development of safer internet initiatives and awareness raising campaigns.
  • The Slovenian EU Kids Online team was invited multiple times as experts to stakeholder meetings, workshops and projects on the topic. Examples are the projects NE-ODVISNI.SI (, SAFE.SI, The annual conference of Slovenian state prosecutors, etc.

Slovenian team

Bojana Lobe is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, a member of the International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches editorial board and author of the book Integration of Online Research Methods. Current research interests include mixed methods research, new technologies in social science data collection, systematic comparative methods and methodological aspects of researching children's experiences.  


Sandra Muha is currently a graduate student in Social Informatics at the Faculty of Social Studies (University of Ljubljana). From her undergraduate studies onwards, she has cooperated with the Centre for Methodology and Informatics, where she works as a project assistant and a data analyst.



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