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EU Kids Online

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Dr Cristina Ponte
Departamento de Ciências da Comunicação
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas,
Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)
Av. de Berna, 26-C
1069-061 Lisboa
fax: +351 21 7977759

Cristina Ponte

CristinaPonte_100x134Cristina Ponte, PhD (2002), lectures Communication Studies at FCSH, UNL. She currently coordinates the Working Group Audience Transformation and Social Integration in the COST Action IS0906 ( She coordinated also the international project Digital Inclusion and Participation ( and the national Project Children and Young People in the news (2005-2007).
Up to five areas of expertise: children and media; media and generations; digital divides; media discourse.

José Simões

Jose_100x141José Alberto Simões, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon teaching in the areas of Research Methodology and the Sociology of Culture. He is also a researcher at CESNova. His main research areas include Sociology of Culture, Youth Cultures, Communication and Media Studies.
Up to five areas of expertise: digital divides, internet use, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, teenagers/youth..


Ana Jorge

Ana Jorge2Ana Jorge is a Communication Sciences PhD student, studying young people's relationship with celebrity culture. Her main research interests are popular culture and consumption, gender and reception. She is member of research projects on women's representation in newspapers and magazines, and on digital inclusion and participation.


Daniel Cardoso

Daniel Cardosa2Daniel Cardoso is a PhD student of Communication Sciences at the New University of Lisbon, and an Assistant Professor at the Lusophone University, in Lisbon. His PhD focuses on the sexualized usages of the new media by Portuguese children; whereas his Masters' thesis was on online expressions of polyamory. He has participated in several national research projects publicly funded. 


Rosa Martins

Rosa Martins PTRosa Martins, PhD, has been working at the Directoracte of the Portuguese Ministry of Education's School Libraries Network. She has worked with the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricula, the School Libraries Network, and Professional Development Centres for teachers. A co-author of the Portuguese School Libraries Evaluation Model, her research interests focus on digital literacy, school libraries' impact on the learning process and school libraries evaluation.

National reports

Here we provide links to a summary of the EU Kids Online 2010 survey findings (European) in the national language, an internet safety guide for children in parents in the national language, national recommendations from the EU Kids Online findings for policy makers and stakeholders, and other national materials if available.

Summary of survey findings| 

National recommendations| 

Internet safety guide| 

Country Factsheet Portugal|


Ponte, C., J. A. Simões and A. Jorge (2011). Vivências condicionadas do digital: as experiências de crianças e jovens do Programa Escolhas. Conferência Diversidade Digital, FCSH-UNL, 4 Novembro. |


Ponte, C., A. Jorge, et al. (2012). Crianças e internet em Portugal.
Coimbra, MinervaCoimbra. 

Ponte, C. (2012). "Digitally empowered? Portuguese children and the
national policies for internet inclusion " Estudos em Comunicação.
Communication Studies 11: 49-66.| 

Ponte, C. (2012). "Kids Online na Europa e no Brasil. Desafios para a
pesquisa comparada sobre práticas de crianças e adolescentes na
internet." [Kids Online in Europe and Brazill: Challenges for
comparative research on children and youth practices on the internet]
Comunicação, Mídia e Consumo 9(25): 13-42,|

Simões, J. A., C. Ponte, et al. (2013). "Online experiences of
socially disadvantaged children and young people in Portugal."
Comunications: the European Journal of Communication Research: 85-105

Newsletter "MiudosSegurosNa.Net"
Ajudar Famílias, Escolas e Comunidades a Promover
a Segurança de Crianças e Jovens Online Nº 174, 28.11.2012|

Survey questionnaires

The EU Kids Online fieldwork involved several questionnaires. First, a face to face interview with one parent. Second, a face to face interview with the child. Then a self-completion interview for sensitive questions, with one version for 9-10 year olds and one version for 11-16 year olds.

Questionnaire for parent|

Questionnaire for child|

Self-completion questionnaire for child (Children age 9-10)|

Self-completion questionnaire for child (Children age 11-16)|









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