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In brief

Poland ranks as one of the countries with "semi-supported risky gamers" with an above average percentage of moderate users. Furthermore, 78% of Polish children report no risks, the highest percentage of children in this cluster. However, Polish children have a higher risk than the EU average of being exposed to sexual content online. Polish parents also underestimate the risks, while at the same time they prefer active mediation of their children's activities.


Polish team

Lucyna Kirwil PL

Assistant Professor at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr Lucyna Kirwil is an expert advisor in relation to the protection of children against harmful effects of screen violence for the Ombudsman for Children in Poland and co-author of the present system of TV-ratings used in Polish media.


Aldona Zdrodowska PL

Aldona Zdrodowska



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Lucyna Kirwil
Department of Psychology
Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities
ul. Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw