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In brief

Children’s use of the internet in Malta is widespread; almost all children have access to the internet at home. Apart from the use of the internet for school work the most popular activities are using Facebook, YouTube and games. Older children use the internet for longer hours than the younger ones. There are some parental restrictions on the use of internet. However since children have several devices which they can access the internet from, it is easy for them to get around these parental restrictions.



  • The Maltese team works closely with the Malta Communications Authority, the telecoms regulator. A current project involves the design and eventual implementation of a quantitative study with children aged 9-14 and their parents.
  • The Maltese team is also part of the BeSmartOnline! Advisory Board. This is a national initiative that brings together the efforts of various national stakeholders to empower and protect children and teens from risks associated with online activity.

Maltese team

Mari Anne Lauri

Mary Anne Lauri is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Pro-Rector at the University of Malta. One of her research areas is media education. 

Joseph Borg

Joseph Borg lectures in Communication Studies at the University of Malta. He was part of the team which introduced media education in Church schools in Malta in the beginning of the 1980s and has co-authored the textbooks used in secondary schools and a number of academic papers. Borg is also the editor of Campus FM, the radio station run by the University of Malta.

Lorlene Farrugia

Lorleen Farrugia has a first degree in Psychology and a Master's in Youth and Community Studies. Her Master's dissertation focused on young people's experiences of self-disclosure on television, and she is currently reading for a PhD in the field of Media Psychology.  


Mark Spiteri



Malta Communications Authority:
(One of the communications regulators)

Agenzija Appogg:
(Government agency offering help to families, vulnerable people and those in need of social help).

Be Smart On Line:

Commissioner fro Children: 


Mary Anne Lauri
Administration Building
University of Malta MSD 2080
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