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Professor Reijo Kupiainen
Aalto University, 
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 
Pori Unit of Department of Art.
PO Box 181
Fi-28101 Pori
Tel. +358 50 341 8563
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Recording of the main Finnish findings

Finnish team

Reijo Kupiainen (Ph.D) is a professor of theory of visual culture at the Aalto University. His research has focused on study of media literacy, media education and visual culture. His ongoing research project is entitled Youth, Literacies, and Changing Media Environment, funded by the Academy of Finland.


Kaarina Nikunen (Dr. Soc. Sc) is a Visiting Scholar at the Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute, Stanford University. Nikunen has expertise in ethnographic audience and fan studies, feminist media studies and in research of ethnicity and transnational media.


Annikka Suoninen (Ph.D.) has for 25 years conducted especially on media use among children and young people and the role of different media in everyday life. In her studies she has used both quantitative and qualitative methods and she has carried out research on various different media.  


Sirkku Kotilainen (Ph.D) is a professor on media literacy education at the University of Tampere, the Unit of Communication, Media and Theatre together with the Unit of Education. Her current research approach is comparative and, she is looking for variations in youth media participation and media literacies globally, in several cultural contexts.


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