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In brief

Danish children are generally among those who have the most extensive and unlimited access to a variety of digital media. This mirrors the development in Denmark where access to digital media is extensive in private as well as public contexts. The extent of their digital media use and online activity means that Danish children are exposed to more risks and more opportunities than the European average. The EU Kids Online findings also indicate, however, that Danish children are quite reflexive about potential opportunities and risks.



  • Denmark has a long history with digital media and with research in children and media. Over the years the EU Kids Online project has provided important evidence that supports the ongoing ambition to get behind assumptions about how children and young people use online media and with which outcomes.
  • The project has informed Danish policy makers at all levels, directly through collaborations, invited presentations of the findings, reports and other publications and indirectly through media coverage and adaptation of research results in various contexts.
  • The Danish advisory board represents numerous stakeholders and is important in the dissemination of outcomes. Important collaboration opportunities with researchers, interest groups, government expert groups/advisory groups and, not least, the Danish Media Council have emerged through the EU Kids Online project.
  • The Danish principle researcher, Dr Gitte Stald, speaks in many contexts about children’s and adolescent’s and digital media.
  • A recent outcome of the Danish participation in EU Kids Online is an invitation to Gitte Stald to author a book about children and digital media targeted for various stakeholders such as parents, teachers, interest groups, and other stakeholders.

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Danish Team

Gitte Stald DK

Gitte Stald, is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her primary research areas are mobile communication and social change, digital youth media cultures, and digital media and globalisation. She participated in EU Kids Online I and II and in The MacArthur Foundation's series on Youth, Digital Media and Learning. Areas of expertise: mobile communication; digital culture and networking; digital youth culture; digital democracy and civic participation; online opportunities.


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Gitte Stald
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