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Dunja Potocnik,
Institute for Social Research,
Amruseva 11,
10000 Zagreb,

Dunja Potočnik

Dunja Potocnik HR Dunja Potočnik, Ph.D, is a sociologist at the Institute for Social Research. She works on youth and new technologies, youth unemployment, social structure, intergenerational mobility, youth policy and science and higher education policy. Dunja has written one book, 18 scientific and many expert papers.



Ivana Ćosić Pregrad

Ivana Cosic Pregrad HR Ivana Ćosić Pregrad is a psychologist, working at the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb. She is a programme coordinator at the counselling centre for children and parents. Ivana is working on the UNICEF project on child electronic abuse. She is an author of several scientific and expert papers.



Marija Lugarić

Marija Lugaric HR Marija Lugarić is member of the Croatian Parliament. Her main fields of activities include education policy and youth policy. By profession, Marija Lugariæ is a primary school teacher.  



Dejan Vinković

Dejan Vinkic Dejan Vinković holds a Ph.D in astrophysics. He teaches at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Split, Croatia and manages the Science and Society Synergy Institute in Čakovec, Croatia. He has written many scientific and expert papers. His main field of expertise, besides astrophysics, includes computational sciences. He also works on the science and educational policy.



Ćosić, I. (2005). Results presentation on research into the experience of children who use the Internet; Regional conference „Dangers of paedophilia", Human rights office, Zagreb

Potočnik, D. (2006) Possessing and Usage of Informational and Communicational Technology, in: Youth between Wishes and Opportunities. Zagreb: Zagreb County and Institute for Social Research.

Potočnik, D. (2007) Youth and New Technologies, in: Ilišin, V.; Radin, F. (ed.) Youth: a Problem or a Resource. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research.

Profaca, B., Ćosić, I. (2005) Child and Internet Risks. List of topics for class lessons (ed. Bilić, V.), Naklada Ljevak, Zagreb


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