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EU Kids Online 

In brief

Russian school children are active internet users: over 90% spend three to five hours online daily while communicating, exchanging information and playing games. Unlike their European peers, Russian children have more freedom online, and, as a result, are exposed more to various online threats. Poor risk awareness among parents and teachers, undefined policies in the internet space, the low level of digital competency of both children and adults are among the main issues addressed by our specialists at the Foundation for Internet Development day to day.



  • The results of the Foundation’s research have been widely used by government authorities while they work on legislative acts related to protecting children from harmful information on the internet.
  • The Foundation closely collaborates with the leading Russian and international companies on information security and digital literacy among children and teenagers (MTS, MGTS, Google Russia etc.).
  • The Foundation has developed digital literacy programmes for teenagers and teachers that have been recommended for use in education by the Russian Department of Education and Science.

Russian team

Galina Soldatova RU

Galina Soldatova is Professor and Vice-Dean of the Department of Psychology, Moscow State University (Lomonosov) and a Corresponding Fellow at the Russian Academy of Education. She is the Director of the Foundation for Internet Development and coordinated the research projects "My Safe Net 2009" and "Russian Kids Online 2010-11". She is a chief editor of the journal "Children in the Information Society". Research interests include cross-cultural psychology, psychology of tolerance and xenophobia, identity development, psychology of the internet and the socialisation of children and adolescents. 

Elena Rasskazova RU

Elena Rasskazovais a teaching assistant in the Department of Clinical Psychology, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. She completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her special interests are health psychology, self-regulation and its disorders, self-regulation and coping in Internet use and quantitative methods.

Polina Roggendorf RU

Polina Roggendorf is a psychologist at the Foundation for Internet Development and a PhD student at the Moscow State University. She participated as a research team member in the research project "Russian Kids Online 2010-11". Her interests include emotional intelligence, emotions, online risks, coping and online communication.



Vladimir Shlyapnikov, PhD, is Director of Social Projects at the Foundation for Internet Development. Vladimir is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Research in Education of the Russia Academy of Education. His research interests include the influence of information technologies and the new digital lifestyle on the psychological and personal development of children and teenagers.  



Russian Helpline "Kids Online"
Tel. 8 800 25 000 15


Russian report

Russian report (short version, 2015)


Soldatova, G. (2011) European and Russian school children: challenges and risks of online socialization, presentation at the EU Kids Online workshop, Ljuljana, 27th-29th January.


Galina Soldatova
Foundation for Internet Development
Moscow, Presnensky val, 17.
Tel./fax +7 499 702 83 43