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In brief

In the last few years the question of children's online safety has moved to the forefront of policy making and media regulation in Hungary. In addition the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of internet service providers and online content providers has started to focus increasingly on raising awareness about safe use of online technologies. Despite all of these multi-stakeholder efforts a significant proportion of Hungarian children still lack support and guidance from their parents and teachers, or they experience only partially effective restrictive mediation.



  • The EU Kids Online was the first major international research in Hungary to investigate children's media and internet use with a focus on both risks and opportunities.
  • The Hungarian findings were directly utilised in framing government policies and the CSR activities of the largest telecommunications companies. On the request of the National Media and Telecommunications Authority a separate Hungarian national report was prepared in 2011. This report provided basic statistics and information about trends to policy makers, teachers, media professionals and last, but not least, parents.
  • ITHAKA (the Hungarian partner of the EUKO network) set up partnership with the International Children's Safety Service, a well-known Hungarian non-profit organisation working on various projects for the safer internet use of children and young people. The coordinator, Bence Ságvári, is working with telecommunications and media companies, counselling them on their educational programmes.

Hungarian team

Bence Sagvari HU

Bence Ságvári is a sociologist, managing director of ITHAKA, lecturer at the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Social Sciences, researcher at the Institute of Sociology in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and member of the World Internet Project research team. His research examines the social impacts of digital technology, youth, and the role of creativity and values.


Anna Galácz is a sociologist, senior researcher at ITHAKA, lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University and member of the Hungarian research team of the World Internet Project. She has been involved in several studies analysing the role and effects of the internet and new media from various perspectives.  




Bence Ságvári
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