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EU Kids Online

Policy recommendations

Flyer for the final report: EU Kids Online: Findings,methods, recommendations|

O'Neill, B., Staksrud, E. with members of the EU Kids Online network (2014) Final recommendations for policy (pdf.42|)  Video|

O'Neill, B. (2014) Policy influences and country clusters. A comparative analysis of internet safety policy implementation (pdf.28|)

O'Neill, B., Livingstone, S., and McLaughlin, S. (2011) Final recommendations from EU Kids Online II for policy, methodology and research (pdf.63|)

de Haan, J., and Livingstone, S. (2009) Policy and research recommendations from EU Kids Online I [pdf.28|]


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Consultation responses

2014. Response to Ten Year Review of WSIS implementation, World Summit on the Information Society. September. [Full text|]

2014. Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child 2014 Day of General Discussion Digital Media and Children’s Rights, 10 August. [Full text|]

2013. Response to Draft Council of Europe Guide on Human Rights for Internet Users. [Full text|]

2013. Consultation response to the European Commission's Green Paper: Preparing for a Fully Converged Audiovisual World: Growth, Creation and Values. [Full text|]

2013. Response to the UK’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee inquiry into online safety. [Full text|]

2011. Response on behalf of EU Kids Online to the European internet industry’s consultation, Principles for the safer use of connected devices and on-line services by children. [Full text|]

2009. Response to the Federal Communication Commission’s Notice of Inquiry in the matter of Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape (MB Docket No. 09-194), adopted 22 October, 2009, submitted 8 December. [Full text|]

2008. Response to the European Commission’s Consultation on Age Verification, Cross Media Rating, Online Social Networking. [Full text|]

2007. Response to the European Commission’s Consultation on Safer Internet and online technologies for children. June.  



Sonia Livingstone's TEDx talk|: How children engage with the internet., March 2014.

Interview with Sonia Livingstone on internet safety and children, Society for Media Psychology and Technology, American Psychological Association, July  2013. [Full text|]

Video| of Sonia Livingstone's talk for Unicef at the Berkman Center, October 2013.

'Violence against women in the digital realm': Podcast| involving a discussion with Sonia Livingstone (July 2013). 

Interview| with Sonia Livingstone at Youth2.0, Antwerp, March 2013.    

Listen to Sonia Livingstone's presentation|, Sonia Livingstone presents EU Kids Online's evidence to the CEO Coalition, at Digital Youth, Dublin, November 2012.

Podcast: Sonia Livingstone discusses the EU Kids Online survey findings| (September 2012).

Listen to Sonia Livingstone’s presentation|, ‘Understanding the relation between risk and harm: theory, evidence and policy regarding children’s internet use’ (March 2012).

Unicef interview with Sonia Livingstone|  (November 2011)

RiFFs interview with Sonia Livingstone| (November 2011)

Sonia Livingstone on ‘Towards a better internet for children: What is the research telling us?’ Family Online Safety Institute’s 6th Annual Conference, Washington DC, November 2012. [Video|]

Interview with Sonia Livingstone about the EU Kids Online findings|

YouTube interview |with the researchers (October 2010)


Press releases

UK Press release| for 'The meaning of online problematic situations for children: The UK report' (December 2014)

UK Press release| for "Online on the mobile: Internet use on smartphones and associated risks among youth in Europe" (October 2014)

Press release| for "Cyberbullying now more common than face-to-face bullying for chldren" (July 2014)

Press release| for "The meaning of online problematic situations for children: Results of qualitative cross-cultural investigation in nine European countries" (June 2014)

Press release| for "Rise in hate messages online shown by new survey on children's exposure to online risk" (March 2014)

Press release| for "Preventive measures: How youngsters avoid online risks" (February 2014)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: Comparing Brazilian and European findings" (December 2013)

UK Press Release| for "Zero to eight: Young children and their internet use" (August 2013

UK Press Release| for "Country classification. Opportunities, risks, harm and parental mediation" (July 2013)

UK Press release| for "In their own words: What bothers children online" (February 2013)

UK Press release| for "How to cope and build online resilience" (January 2013)

UK Press release| for "Excessive internet use among European children" (November 2012)

UK Press release| for "EU Kids Online: National perspectives" (October 2012)

Press release| for "Towards a better internet for children: findings and recommendations from EU Kids online to inform the CEO coalition" (July 2012) 

Press release| for Safer Internet Day report "How can parents support children's safer internet access?" (February 2012)

Press release| for "Risk and safety for Australian children on the internet" (November 2011)

Press release| for - "Final recommendations for policy, methodology and research" (October 2011)

Press release| for EU Kids Online conference (September 2011)

Press release| for - "Who bullies and who is bullied online?" (July 2011)

Press release| for "Social Networking, age and privacy" (April 2011)

Press release| for "Digital literacy and safety skills" (March 2011)

Press release| for "Risky communication online" (February 2011)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: the perspective of European children" (January 2011)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: the UK Report" (November 2010)

Press release|, launch of EU Kids Online survey, Safer Internet Forum, (October 2010)

Press release| for launch of EU Kids Online II (June 2009)



Donoso, V. (2014) Releasing children's potential and minimizing risks - ICTs, the internet and violence against children| (October 2014)

Infographic| showing EU Kids Online dissemination (December 2013)

Conference reports| (November 2013)

European Schoolnet animation| for parents highlighting EU Kids Online findings (March 2013)