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Newspapers and interviews

Newsletter| (April 2014)

Press release| for "Rise in hate messages online shown by new survey on children's exposure to online risk" (March 2014)

Press release| for "Preventive measures: How youngsters avoid online risks" (February 2014)

Newsletter| (December 2013)

Infographic| showing EU Kids Online dissemination (December 2013)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: Comparing Brazilian and European findings" (December 2013)

Conference reports| (November 2013)

Newsletter| (November 2013)

Video| of Sonia Livingstone's talk for UNICEF at the Berkman Center, October 2013

Newsletter| (September 2013)

UK Press Release| for "Zero to eight: Young children and their internet use" (August 2013)

Interview| with Sonia Livingstone at Youth2.0, Antwerp, March, 2013

EU Kids Online response| to the Green Paper 'Preparing for a fully converged audiovisual world: Growth, creation and values' (August 2013)

'Violence against women in the digital realm': Podcast| involving a discussion with Sonia Livingstone (July 2013)

Newsletter| (July 2013)

UK Press Release| for "Country classification. Opportunities, risks, harm and parental mediation" (July 2013)

Newsletter| (May 2013)                 

Australian report: "What bothers Australian kids online? Children comment on bullies, porn and violence"| (March 2013)

European Schoolnet animation| for parents highlights EU Kids Online findings  (March 2013)

Newsletter| (March 2013)

UK Press release| for "In their own words: What bothers children online" (February 2013)

UK Press release| for "How to cope and build online resilience" (January, 2013)

Newsletter| (January 2013)

Australian report: "Excessive internet use amongst Australian children" |(November 2012)

Listen to Sonia Livingstone's presentation|, Sonia Livingstone presents EU Kids Online's evidence to the CEO Coalition, at Digital Youth, Dublin November 2012. See also the CEO Coalition report| and the Dublin conference site|.

UK Press release| for "Excessive interent use among European children" (Novermber, 2012)

Newsletter| (November 2012)

UK Press release| for "EU Kids Online: National perspectives" (October, 2012)

Podcast: Sonia Livingstone discusses the EU Kids Online survey findings| (September 2012)

Press release| for "Towards a better internet for children: findings and recommendations from EU Kids online to inform the CEO coalition" (July 2012) 

Listen to Sonia Livingstone’s presentation|, ‘Understanding the relation between risk and harm: theory, evidence and policy regarding children’s internet use’ (March 2012)

Press release| for Safer Internet Day report "How can parents support children's safer internet access?" (February 2012)

Amanda Lenhart (from EU Kids Online's international advisory panel) and Sonia Livingstone present findings| at the 2011 FOSI conference

Unicef interview with Sonia Livingstone|  (November 2011)

RiFFs interview with Sonia Livingstone| (November 2011)

Interview with Sonia Livingstone about the EU Kids Online findings|

Press release| for "Risk and safety for Australian children on the internet" (November 2011)

Press release| for - "Final recommendations for policy, methodology and research" (October 2011)

Press release for - "Disadvantaged children and online risk" (October, 2011)

Press release| for EU Kids Online conference (September 2011)

Press release| for - "Who bullies and who is bullied online?" (July 2011)

On 17/6/11, Sonia Livingstone announced the winners| of the European Award for Best Children's Online Content, having served as Chair of the European Jury. The prizes were presented at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels by Vice President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes

Press release| for "Social Networking, age and privacy" (April 2011)

Press release| for "Digital literacy and safety skills" (March 2011)

Call for papers| for EU Kids Online conference on 22-24 September 2011

Press release| for "Risky communication online" (February 2011)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: the perspective of European children" (January 2011)

Press release| for "Risks and safety on the internet: the UK Report" (November 2010)

Press release|, launch of EU Kids Online survey, Safer Internet Forum, (October 2010)

Youtube interview |with the researchers (October 2010)

Press release| for launch of EU Kids Online II (June 2009)



Academic journals|: EU Kids Online has published two special issues - International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics and the Journal of Children and the Media.

New book| published by the EU Kids Online network - Livingstone, S. and Haddon, L. (2009) Kids Online. Policy Press

Commissioner Reding's speech| (17/9/09) referred to the EU Kids Online I final report |