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International Advisory Panel

EU Kids Online

María José Cantarino is Corporate Responsibility Manager at Telefonica|, with a special focus on social innovation, digital inclusion and new technologies and youth's online behaviour. She is Director of Special Projects at the Interactive Generation Forum and sits of the Board of the family Online Safety Institute.


Michael Dreier is project manager at the Outpatient Clinic for Behavioural Addictions Mainz in Germany. The qualitative work package of the “EU-NET-ADB|” study was coordinated by him. Michael is sub-investigator and coordinator of the clinical trial “STICA” and was involved in several surveys on internet and gambling addiction among adolescents.


Professor David Finkelhor is Director of the Crimes against Children Research Center|, Co-Director of the Family Research Laboratory and Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire. He has studied child victimisation, child maltreatment and family violence, researching internet victimisation since 1998.

Lelia Green2

Lelia Green is Professor of Communications at Edith Cowan   University| in Australia. In 2010-11 she led a team of researchers on the 'AU Kids Online' project, parallelling the 25-nation European study, but with 400 cases. The research was funded by the ARC  Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation.

Natasha Jackson

Natasha Jackson is Head of Content Policy at the GSM| Association where she leads initiatives for safer use of mobile phones by children. She is a Board member and former Chair of the Family Online Safety Institute, an international organisation that works to make the online world safer for kids and their families.


Amanda Lenhart is a senior research specialist at the Pew Internet & American Life Project|, where she directs research on teens, children and families. She has been the lead researcher on 7 large national projects focusing on youth and technology and has authored more than 30 reports for the Project.


Janice Richardson is project manager at European Schoolnet|, responsible for the coordination of the pan-European Insafe awareness raising network set up by the European Commission in 2004. She led the Council of Europe's editorial team to create its Internet Literacy Handbook.   

Kuno Sorensen

Kuno Sørensen is a psychologist with Save the Children   Denmark|.  Since 2001 he was  programme coordinator with a  special  focus on IT-related sexual abuse of children. He is a member of the EU knowledge enhancement project ROBERT and has conducted research and published articles on online safety for children


Janis Wolak, J.D., is a Senior Researcher at the Crimes against Children Research Center|, University of New Hampshire, USA. She has directed US national studies about youth Internet safety and Internet-related crimes eirand is the author and co-author of numerous reports and articles on these topics.