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Framework of analysis

EU Kids Online

Analysis framework

The analysis of the survey data is organised according to a hypothesised sequence of factors relating to internet use that may shape children's experiences of harm. The figure above traces the core of our analysis from children's internet use (amount, device and location of use) through their online activities (opportunities taken up, skills developed and risky practices engaged in) to the risks encountered.

Many external factors may also influence children's experiences. Three levels of influence may differentiate among children, shaping the path from internet use to possible harm:

  • Demographic factors such as the child's age, gender, socio-economic status (SES), and psychological factors such as emotional problems, self-efficacy and risk-taking. See Full Findings report.
  • Social factors that mediate children's online and offline experiences, especially the activities of parents, teachers and friends. See Patterns of Risk and Safety report.
  • National context – a range of economic, social and cultural factors are expected to shape the online experience as shown in the model. See Cross-national Comparisons report. 










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