Safer Internet Day 2014

Two new reports on children’s safety online

The EU Kids Online project’s short report ‘Preventive measures - How young children avoid online risks’ examines children’s accounts of the various ways in which they manage the different types of problematic situations that they encounter on the internet. It is important for those involved in the safety of children online to understand children’s perceptions and accounts of what is risky or indeed harmful since these may differ from adults.

The Net Children Go Mobile project, involving EU Kids Online members, today launches its report on a survey of risks specifically related to mobile use of the internet. This finds that while smartphone and tablet users benefit from more online opportunities and along with this encounter more risks, they do not report more harmful experiences.

Sonia Livingstone, Department of Media and Communications, LSE:
Safer Internet Day sees the combined efforts of educators, industry and child welfare experts combine to call for a better internet for kids worldwide. To ensure this effort is evidence-based, LSE researchers publish two new reports today. These show that children are less worried about online risks when they are empowered to cope with them (EU Kids Online) but that as children gain access to mobile devices, they encounter more risks (Net Children Go Mobile). So the effort to empower kids online remains paramount.”

Report: ‘Preventive measures - How young children avoid online risks’
Press release for Preventative measures report|

Report: ‘Net Children Go Mobile: risks and opportunities’|

Press release for Net Children Go Mobile report|