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Work packages

EU Kids Online

EU Kids Online II is organised into eight work packages which are built around the aims and objectives of the project

WP1: Project Management and Evaluation: this ensures effective conduct and completion of work packages through the planning, management and evaluation stages.

WP2: Project Design: this will design a robust survey instrument for children and parents, along with an appropriate sampling frame.

WP3: Data Collection: this will see to the administration of the survey and completion of fieldwork.

WP4: Data Reporting: this will address the cross tabulation, presentation and reporting of core findings.

WP5: Statistical Analysis of Hypotheses: this will conduct detailed analysis for hypothesis testing for relations among variables.

WP6: Cross-National Comparisons: this focuses on the interpretation and contextualisation of similarities and differences found across countries.

WP7: Recommendations: this aims to guide awareness, safety initiatives and future research.

WP8: Dissemination of Project Results: this furthers the contribution of EU Kids Online and disseminates project results.