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Work package 6: networking and dissemination activities

This work package addresses objective 6. This involves identifying and contacting other Safer Internet Plus Programme actions to discuss with them the forms of reporting (especially in the recommendations) that would be most usable and effective for them.

The work package members will explore ways to disseminate the findings from the research via the more traditional means of conference papers, workshops, a project website and producing regular electronic alerts. The work package will help to plan its own conference at the end to report on its findings. We also aim to publish a book from the project.

Lastly, part of the task of this work package entails identifying and making contact with other potential audiences. From the start and throughout, one task involves assembling a list of relevant people and bodies who we feel might benefit from an awareness of the project, in this sense 'building a wider audience'. This will be tied into the process of identifying relevant research in work package 1.