Work package 4: methodological issues

This work package addresses objective 5. Hence it will focus both on specific cross-cultural issues and on broader methodological issues involved in studying children and the internet/ new media, with the aim of developing a best practice guide.

It will start with a review of the limited material on methodological issues in this field of cross-cultural comparisons, which will be the basis for a preliminary report. It will then reflect upon the questions and challenges thrown up by research on children and internet use and safety. This includes charting common problems in conducting such research together with proposed solutions and, especially, identifying best practice in the field. The deliverable will be a guide incorporating this material and indicating how to conduct future research on this topic, including the provision of sample themes and questions.

In addition, the work group will seek to engage others beyond the network, the wider community of scholars involved in cross-cultural research (including efforts to align quantitative research measuring the internet), and those scholars specifically involved in research on children and the internet.

The first output will a preliminary report: Methodological Issues Review. The second will be a report, Best Practice Research Guide, synthesising key methodological issues and providing clear guidance to those working in the field. We anticipate that this may include members of the network as well as the wider research and policy community.