Work package 2: research contexts

The task of this work package, dealing with objective 2, is to ask why different aspects of children and the internet are researched, or not, in different European countries. What are the national histories of concern about the internet? How much is common across countries and how much is country specific? Do any differences, for instance, reflect particular events, particular national lobbying by certain groups or particular forms of coverage in the national media?

The work package will entail looking at and documenting the funding arrangements for research in different types of European country, examining the research traditions and disciplines dealing both with the internet and with children in the participating countries. The work package will also examine existing research on the topic of children and the internet, asking in what ways children's experience of the internet has been analysed, with what types of research question and for which purposes. Finally, it will give some indication of the effects on research of media coverage, national policy decisions, particular events, particular lobbies, educational activities, etc.

The starting point will involve the systematic development of a range of questions one would need to ask about these histories for each country and then a process of identifying what people or sources could contribute to answering such questions.

The work group will set up its own online forum on the website to provide an ongoing report of its findings and encourage contributions to this from the wider international research community throughout the course of this project.

The output from the work package will be a report, Cross-Cultural Contexts of Research, focusing on the research and cultural contexts regarding children and the internet in Europe.