Work package 1: data availability

The first task, addressing objective 1, is to identify what quantitative and qualitative data are available in member countries. Certainly this includes children's access to and usage of the internet, but also their more general experience of it, competences and evaluation of the online world.

To contextualise this, we also need to know about their use of other information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as television and PCs. We will also try to map data on parents' experience of the internet and approaches to dealing with their children's usage.

The aim is to identify the pattern of available data, where there is a preponderance of material and where there are gaps, and also how easy it is to find material to assist future research. We also aim to assess to comparability of existing data.

In addition to the Europe-wide sources that can be consulted for this purpose, the work package members will identify and outline in a proforma relevant national research, which will then form part of the repository documenting what research exists.

The first output from the work package will be a report on Data Availability, charting the availability and comparability of data on children and the internet in Europe. The second output will be an online repository of links to the data sources that will be developed throughout the project.