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  1. The internet in Britain. The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS)

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

  2. Teens Take User-Generated Content and Social Networking to Go

    Countries: France (FR) Germany (DE) Spain (ES) United Kingdom (UK) Italy (IT), United States (US)

  3. Norton Online Family Report 2011

    Countries: Italy (IT) Australia (AU) Brazil (BR) Canada (CA) China (CN) Germany (DE) Spain (ES) France (FR) India (IN) Japan (JP) New Zealand (NZ) Sweden (SE) United Kingdom (UK) United States (US) Belgium (BE) Denmark (DK) Netherlands (NL)

  4. M:Metrics: Teens Take User; Generalted Content and Social Networking to Go

    Countries: France (FR) Germany (DE) Spain (ES) United Kingdom (UK) United States (US) Italy (IT)

  5. Young “netizens” creating public citizenship in cyberspace

    Countries: Hong Kong (HK) Finland (FI) United Kingdom (UK)

  6. Information literacy of teachers and pupils in secondary schools

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

  7. Trends: Young people and leisure 1983; 2005

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

  8. The national bullying survey 2006

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

  9. MSN cyberbullying report

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

  10. Children with special educational needs - internet safety concerns

    Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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