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  EU Kids Online

Session 1  
Social networking sites    
Sally Quinn, Julian Oldmeadow| Is the iGeneration a 'We' Generation? Children, social networking sites and belonging
Ellen Vanderhoven, Tammy Schellens, Martin Valcke| How safe do youngsters really behave on Facebook: an observation-study
Gila Zilka| Interactions among children in and out of social networks|
Nagwa El Gazzar| Children's perceptions of and attitudes towards social media networks in Egypt|
Kursat Cagiltay, Turkan Karakus , Engin Kursun, Duygu Nazire Kasikci,Isa Cankar and Sahin Bayzan The use of social networks among children in Turkey|
 Mobile media    
Gitte Stald| Online on the mobile – new challenges for awareness, information and policies
Giovanna Mascheroni, Maria Francesca Murru, Barbara Scifo|  Mobile internet among Italian teens: practices and risks
Emma Bond| The mobile phone = bike shed?
Yi-Fan Chen  Exploring mKids' convenience, identity and privacy in mobile content sharing
Cyberbullying 1    
Sindy R. Sumter, Susanne E. Baumgartner, Jochen Peter, Patti M. Valkenburg Creating a multidimensional scale for offline and online peer victimization
Sander Veenstra, Jurjen Jansen, Joyce Kerstens| Differences and similarities between perpetrators and victims of online misconduct
Salomé Guedes Ramos, Cyntia Barros Carvalho, Anabela Sousa Pereira Media violence: a study of Portuguese children|
Ruth Festl, Thorsten Quandt| Explaining cyberbullying: Individual and structural predictors and their relevance for pre- and intervention strategies in school
Children's voices and participation   
Reijo Kupiainen Young people's creative online practices in the context of school community|
Ana Francisca Monteiro The internet, opportunities and risks: listening to what children have to say
Daniel Schofield  Students as researchers on media and globalization - self-insight, personal knowledge and awareness
José Alberto Simões, Cristina Ponte, Ana Jorge, Ricardo Campos Online risks and opportunities amongst socially disadvantaged children and young people: findings from the Digital Inclusion and Participation project
Session 2  
Mediation (school, teachers, libraries)      
Veronika Kalmus, Cecilia von Feilitzen, Andra Siibak The role for teacher and peer mediation in children's online opportunities and risks
Ruth Wood, Shirley Atkinson| The mediation of online safeguarding by primary school teachers; perspectives from students completing a PGCE programme|
Rivka Wadmany, Orit Zeichner, Orly Melamed Safer internet use – from critical theory to practice: the challenges for and strategies of colleges for future teachers
Jacqueline Vickery| The what and how of it all: one school's approach to identifying and communicating digital risks and opportunities|
Pavla Kovářová| Case study: the attitudes of children's departments in Czech libraries to information safety|
Cyberbullying 2   
Catherine Blaya Cyberbullying and school climate in France: what do we know?
Lucie Corcoran Attempts to manage cyberbullying in secondary schools: a view from Ireland
Teresa Sofia Castro, António José Osório| A contribution to the definition of online violence in the context of a study with school children 
Anastasia Kapatzia, Efthymia Sygkollitou Why students are cyberbullying? Students' voices
Kate Hadwen  sing student voices to develop engaging school based interventions to reduce cyberbullying
Gender and sexuality on the internet   
Elisabeth Staksrud "Boys hate, girls lose weight?" - children and harmful user-generated content online
Susanne E. Baumgartner, Sindy R. Sumter, Patti M. Valkenburg, Jochen Peter| Adolescents' online sexual risk behavior and its relationship to online victimization experiences
Lars Lööf| Young people's online sexuality: resilience, risks and possible harm
Cosimo Marco Scarcelli| The cybernetic faces of Eros and Filia: love and sexuality of Italian youth on the web
Valerie Steeves, Jane Bailey  The cybernetic faces of Eros and Filia: love and sexuality of Italian youth on the web
Monica Barbovschi| Going to meetings with 'complete strangers', what is the danger?
Ellen J. Helsper, Daniel Kardefelt Winther,, David Smahel, Lukáš Blinka Using psychological and digital inclusion frameworks to explain excessive internet use by young Europeans
Benjamin Sanders, Paul Dowland, Shirley Atkinson, Steven Furnell| Emerging risks in massively multiplayer online role playing games|
Patricio Cabello ICTs use and risk constructions by tweens and teens. Qualitative research in a low income neighbourhood in Madrid, Spain|
Session 3  
Parental and peer mediation   
Nadine Karbach, Christoph Klimmt The more the better? - The Impact of the number of children on the parental mediation of children's internet use 
Peter Nikken, Jeroen Jansz| Parental mediation of young children's internet use| 
Nathalie Sonck, Peter Nikken, Jos de Haan| Explaining differences in parental mediation 
Michel Walrave, Wannes Heirman Teenagers and social network sites: balancing between self-disclosure and privacy concerns
Joyce Kerstens, Jurjen Jansen|  Children's and caretakers' perception of online risks in relation to mediation, risk and actual harm
Alexandre Barbosa, Juliano Cappi, Tatiana Jereissati, Guilherme Canela Brazilian children and internet: challenges to mediation|
Nikos Panagiotou Generation E: Promoting E-games Literacy in Pre-School ages
Elsa Deliyanni, Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Dimitris Korkoriadis, Dimitra Kehagia Applying new media in the classroom: a blogging paradigm for the projection and diffusion of alternative media and cultural patterns
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt| Alternate paths to maximum use of online opportunities
Cross cultural analysis  
Christine Ogan, Leen d'Haenens| Internet-using children living in the diaspora in Europe and those living in Turkey: digital connectedness compared 
Toshie Takahashi Children, risk and audience engagement: cross-cultural research on youths and digital media in Japan, the UK and the US
Fátima Abreu Ferreira, Paula Cristina Marques Martins, Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves Understanding online victimization: an analysis of routines activities theory value in explaining online victimization
Ina Blau | Children, risk, and safety online: Israeli survey results among Hebrew and Arabic speakers
Shirley Atkinson, Tony Staunton| The early years online|
Conceição Costa, Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques, Paulo Ferreira| Social network analysis as an indicator of social well-being: the case of a children learning community  |
Eveline Hipeli Internet guidance for adolescents    
Brian O'Neill, Sharon McLaughlin, Simon Grehan 'Think B4 You Click': a study of internet safety interventions in Ireland on social networking
Tim Davies , Terri Dowty, Sangeet Bhullar| Rights respecting strategies: rethinking responses to children and young people's online lives|










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