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A review of the evidence

By Andrea Millwood Hargrave and Sonia Livingstone

In today's media and communications environment, pressing questions arise regarding the media's potential for harm, especially in relation to children. This book offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of the latest research on content-related media harm and offence. For the first time, a balanced, critical account brings together findings on both established and newer, interactive media. Arguing against asking simple questions about media effects, the case is made for contextualising media content and use within a multi-factor, risk-based framework in order to guide future research and policy formation.

184150-161-1, 256 pages, Paperback

RRP £19.95, Intellect Press

Telecom Demand: Measures for Improving Affordability - reports available

Led by Professor Robin Mansell and Claire Milne, Visiting Researcher, this project has focused on developing a better understanding of affordability as key to understanding telecom demand which, in turn, is central to sound business cases for investment and the achievement of network development in developing countries. The main report and three companion papers are now available. This project has been undertaken for the LIRNE.Net (Learning Initiatives for Reforms on Network Economies) Programme Preparing for WSIS: ICT Research and Dissemination, funded by IDRC, Canada.



European Research on Children's Safe Use of the Internet and New Media (2006-09)

EU Kids Online is a new project in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE, directed by Professor Sonia Livingstone and Dr Leslie Haddon, and funded by the EC Safer Internet plus Programme. The scope of the project is European research on cultural, contextual and risk issues in children's safe use of the internet and new media carried out in 18 member states.

Project website:

Harm and Offence in Media Content