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World Telecommunication Day 2003

The 17th May is celebrated by the United Nations as World Telecommunication Day. To mark the occasion, the city of Leipzig, Germany, and the ITU are hosting a public lecture by Professor Robin Mansell of Media@lse , entitled 'Inside the Communication Revolution: After the End of the .com Euphoria'. |of Media@lse , entitled 'Inside the Communication Revolution: After the End of the .com Euphoria'.

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Second Annual Dixons Public Lecture

The Second Annual Dixons Public Lecture, entitled 'Data Mining, Discrimination and the Decline of the Public Sphere' was given by Professor Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. of the Annenberg School for Communication, The University of Pennsylvania, on Thursday 7 November.

The Dixons Lecture series is sponsored by Dixons Group plc, who have endowed a Chair in New Media and the Internet at the LSE. This chair is currently held by Professor Robin Mansell|.

The Third Annual Dixons Public Lecture will be held late in 2003. Information will be published on the Events pages|.

Media@lse joins LIRNE.NET and World Dialogue on Regulation

Media@lse has recently joined LIRNE.NET and the World Dialogue on Regulation (WDR). LIRNE.NET is a strategic collaboration of four leading multidisciplinary university centres and programmes examining issues of institutional reform associated with the dramatically changing roles of information and communication in all societies. As part of this collaboration, Media@lse will participate on the research team for the WDR 2003 Dialogue theme.

Individual members of Media@lse have worked on projects with LIRNE.NET researchers for many years, most recently in the preparation of the recent book, Networking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions and Intervention, Delft: Delft University Press, 2002 (edited by Robin Mansell, Rohan Samarajiva and Amy Mahan). For further information, see|

The Reality of E-commerce with Developing Countries

by John Humphrey, Robin Mansell|,| Daniel Paré and Hubert Schmitz Daniel Paré and Hubert Schmitz

Based on research on e-marketplaces in the garments and horticulture sectors and on the experiences of firms in Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa, this study examines the expectations and assumptions behind the drive to invest in B2B e-commerce. It investigates what actually happens in Internet-based e-marketplaces and how developing country firms use the Internet for business. The overall finding is that the main effect of B2B e-commerce is to enhance the relationships between existing trading partners. It does little to help forge ongoing relationships with new firms. There is a clear message for policy makers and practitioners - understanding how international trade is organised and how inter-firm relationships are developed is essential if the use of some types of B2B e-commerce is to assist producer firms in gaining more equitable access to international markets.

The report summarises the results of research led jointly by The London School of Economics and the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex, and funded by the UK Department for International Development under its Globalisation and Poverty research programme.