Student Photography Competition 2009

Over the Christmas break, students were invited to submit images on the theme, "What the Media mean to me".  Here are the winning images. 

Third Place


"One Ecstatic Freelance Photographer, Two Irate Editors"

October 2007. A newsstand in London. The Burmese monks had taken to the streets in prayerful protest against their nation's long-standing military junta: a story compelling enough to make headlines around the world. Although we are familiar with content being syndicated and reproduced across media genres and formats, magazine covers are generally designed so as to "stand out from the crowd" on the newsstand, and entrench each title's specific brand identity and take on topical issues. Hence my surprise in finding two competing news magazines featuring exactly the same cover photograph, cropped to identical proportions. No doubt two picture editors employed by separate publishing houses experienced very similar castigations that week.

October 2007 - A newsstand in London

Mehita Iqani, PhD Student