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LSE Annual Fund Photography Competition 2010/11

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Thanks to the generous support of the LSE Annual Fund, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2011 Department of  Media & Communications Student Photography Contest.

Students from MSc and PhD programmes in the Department were invited to participate in this initiative by contributing photos relating to the field of Media and Communications.

The judging panel was composed of, Head of the Department Prof. Sonia Livingstone|, Director of the PhD programme Prof. Lilie Chouliaraki|, Director of Graduate Studies Myria Georgiou|, and Dr. Shakuntala Banaji|. The judges looked for originality, good composition and spirit.

These photos can now been seen on the walls of the Department. Our sincerest congratulations to Marco, Chi and Davide and to all participants for their commitment, ideas and visual creativity.

1st Place

Marco Anderle, PhD student, with 'Reality TV'

Marco Anderle

Caption: A demystifying picture of television. A TV set in an unpleasant setting, far from audiences and living-rooms, far from news and entertainment. Nonetheless a television, in reality.

2nd Place

Chi Zhang, MSc Global Media and Communications, with 'Connected or Divided'

Chi Zhang

Caption: Labyrinth of electrical wires strung across the city of Saigon. The title says it all.

3rd Place

Davide Morisi, MSc Media, Communication and Development, with 'The convergent era'

Davide Morisi

Caption: Being in multiple spaces at the same time