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Polis Conference on Trust|

Guardian journalist Nick Davies and BBC Newsroom chief Mary Hockaday made headlines at the annual Polis Conference in April. 500 people attended the all-day event with 40 speakers on the theme of 'Trust'.

Topics covered included whistleblowers, data journalism, 'churnalism', skills, newspapers, broadcasting, and social media with speakers from a range of organisations including CNBC, Sky, The Sun, The Times, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, The Independent, and Guardian.

The conference was in collaboration with the BBC and the European Broadcasting Union. 


Polis Journalism Conference, Friday April 5th 2013|

Investigative journalist Nick Davies will be the keynote speaker at this year's Polis Journalism Conference on 'Trust in Journalism'. As both an accomplished journalist and writer, Davies, who has written extensively for the Observer and the Guardian, was a key figure in exposing the News of the World phone-hacking scandal in July of 2011. His related articles for the Guardian about phone-hacking practices at the News of the World resulted in police investigations and inquiries that saw repercussions for the entire UK press industry.

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Media Representation And The Global Imagination  

Media Representation and the Global Imagination|

Department of Media and Communications and POLIS debate

Monday 18 February 2013, 6:30-8pm

Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building

Speakers: Dr Shani Orgad, Lindsey Hilsum, Professor Saskia Sassen, Laurie Taylor

Chair: Professor Charlie Beckett

Marking the publication of Shani Orgad's latest book Media Representation and the Global Imagination (Polity)|, the panel will discuss how the way we imagine the world and its 'others' is nourished by the media, and how the media can offer different images and accounts from the ones we encounter.