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Beyond the "Berlusconi Common Sense". A New Model of Politics for the 21st Century

  • Speaker: Professor Paolo Mancini
  • Date: Tuesday 19 January 2010
  • Time: 6.30-8pm
  • Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
  • Chair: Professor Terhi Rantanen

Mostly outside Italy, there is a widespread common sense about Berlusconi and his political adventure: he has been able to successfully enter the political arena because of his television empire and because of his unclear links with illegal groups and business. This interpretation is undoubtedly true but it is also a limited one as it is not able to point out all the novelties that Berlusconi may represent. Read more... Audio|

MeCCSA 2010 Conference
Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th January 2010 - LSE

MeCCSA is the UK subject association for those teaching and researching in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies. The organisation held its conference from 6-8 January 2010, hosted by the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science and held at LSE. More information here|.


Safer Internet Day Tuesday, 9 February

Professor Sonia Livingstone chaired a meeting addressed by the Vice President of the European parliament. Read further information on the Implementation of the Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU|.

Tuesday, 9 February chaired a meeting addressed by the Vice President of the European parliament. Read further information on the .

Thinking Like a Social Scientist - open lecture series
Thursday, 4 February - 1.05pm - Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

Professor Sonia Livingstone, "Thinking Like a Social Scientist: Online and offline risk – getting young people's experience of the internet into perspective"

More details here.|

Seminar on Comparative Transnational Research
Wednesday, 3 February 2010 - 14.30/18.30 - U8 (Tower 1)

The uses and misuses of comparative transnational research in social sciences'


Emeritus Professor Jean Blondel (European University Institute in Florence)
Professor Sonia Livingstone (LSE)
Professor Paolo Mancini (Universit di Perugia)
Chair: Prof. Terhi Rantanen| (LSE)

This is the first seminar organised by a joint Oxford-LSE research project on Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe funded by the European Research Council.



Networking Event for alumni and current students. Speaker: BAFTA-winning alumnus, Paulina Bozek.   Saturday, 8 May 2010 More information here|
Speaker: BAFTA-winning alumnus, Paulina Bozek.  

Media & Citizenship in the EU - Arabic language media and life in London. Saturday, 8 May 2010. Full details on the Media & Citizenship website|

Youthful participation: what have we learned, what shall we ask next?

Professor Sonia Livingstone's| keynote speech at the first annual Digital Media and Learning Conference: Diversifying Participation


Postgraduate Workshop 2010 and summer symposium- 7th June 2010. Further information|


Symposium on Artistic Research and Experimentation in Digital Media (LSE-MARCEL) 

On 7th July 2010. In collaboration with the MARCEL Network| and the Digital Humanities 2010 Conference|. Limited seats are available. More details|


Public event - 'Silencing the Classroom: Persecuted academics share their experiences' Tuesday 19 October 2010

Speaker: Mina al-Lami| is an Iraqi Visiting Fellow at the Department of Media and Communications, under the LSE Scholars at Risk scheme. For the last two years Mina has been doing research on Islamic extremist groups. Her research focus is the media and propaganda of jihadist groups on the Internet, online radicalisation, and online counter-extremism measures. She is currently researching the transition from online to offline jihadism. Prior to fleeing to the UK, she served as a security information analyst with the United Nations-Iraq and lecturer of English language at Baghdad University.


The podcast and video for the event Television Beyond Frontiers: reflections on public service broadcasting in a digital Europe is now available here| and you can also view the Powerpoint Slides. and you can also view the . and you can also view the . and you can also view the . and you can also view the . and you can also view the . is now available and you can also view the .

'Media in the Family'

Professor Sonia Livingstone of the LSE will launch a major new report looking at how the family uses media. Based on a major piece of trans-European research, the report highlights how behavior and relationships are changing due to advances in technology and new social conditions. It sets out the key trends and future scenarios for the family and media

Date: Wednesday 17 November 2010, 6.30pm 

Location: Old Theatre, Old Building Speaker: Professor Sonia Livingstone


The Physico-Material Bases of Cosmopolitanism|

Date: Wednesday 01 December 2010, 6.30pm
Location: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE
Speaker: Professor Pheng Cheah

The Visual Politics of Solidarity Symposium

Date: Friday 3 December 2010, 10.00am to 5.30pm
Location: Vera Anstey Room, Old Building, LSE

The Symposium explores the power of images to promote a politics of solidarity in the new media age, through three panel discussions:

Cosmopolitanism and the Image Pheng Cheah (University of Berkeley) and Lilie Chouliaraki (LSE)

Journalism, Image and Injustice Charlie Beckett (Polis Director), Shani Orgad (LSE) and Bolette Blaagaard (City University)

Witnessing Vulnerability Karin Wells (Birkbeck), Iain Wilkinson (University of Kent) and Karina Horsti (University of Helsinki).

Please RSVP if you wish to come to |

Polis Panel: Media Plurality

Date: Tuesday 14 December 2010, arrive 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start
Location: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE 
Please RSVP if you wish to come to |

POLIS is holding a panel discussion looking at the issue of Media Plurality in the light of the News Corporation's bid to take full ownership of BSkyB.

Our panel will be chaired by Steve Hewlett, writer, broadcaster and media consultant. The panel will feature: Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian, Chris Goodall, Consultant to Enders Analysis on regulatory and competition issues, and a former member of the UK Competition Commission, Professor Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at the University of Westminster and Damian Tambini from the LSE's Department of Media and Communications.

There will also be free drinks available.