Events archive 2003


Can the Internet Economy be Governed, and if so, How?

Thursday 1st May 2003, 6.30pm, Hong King Theatre, LSE           Speaker: Professor William Melody. Chair: Professor Roger Silverstone.


The Global Landscape of News: time and space in the work of foreign correspondents

Tuesday 14th October 2003, 6.30pm, Hong Kong Theatre, LSE       Speaker: Professor Ulf Hannerz. Chair: Professor Robin Mansell. 

Professor Hannerz also gave an informal seminar on cosmopolitanism in the Department's Research Seminar series on Thursday 9th October at 5pm in the Graham Wallas Room at LSE.


Business and Society Beyond 2015

Tuesday 11th November 2003, 6pm, Old Theatre, Old Building     Speaker: Ian Pearson. Discussant: Professor Robin Mansell. Chair: Professor Henrietta Moore.