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Terri Wills

MSc Media & Communications 2000

Terri is recognized for her international expertise in strategy development, market research, and policy analysis in the creative industries - including television, film, music, publishing and interactive media.

Terri is currently a Manager at Nordicity Group where she divides her time between Toronto, Canada and London, UK working with corporate and public sector clients to develop new strategies and policies to grow strong creative industry companies. Prior to Nordicity, Terri was Head of Strategy for the Factual and Learning division of BBC where she shaped TV and broadband content strategies and developed commercial and public sector partnerships. Terri has also worked with Forrester Research in the UK and Harlequin Enterprises, a multinational publishing company.

In addition to her work in the creative industries, Terri is currently applying her knowledge of how to use media and communications for positive change by project managing the Greening Greater Toronto initiative, a multi-sectoral 120-partner initiative working to 'green' the city region.

"After exploring a range of Masters programmes in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. I was drawn to the MSc in Media and Communications at LSE due its critical approach to the media as an industry but also as an important agent of social change - positive and negative. And I wasn't disappointed. The interdisciplinary approach, the international representation in the classroom, and the rigorous academic training prepared me well for a career in international business strategy as well as policy development in the sector"



Nguyen Minh

Minh Nguyen

Media & Communications 1999

I was appointed to be deputy editor in chief and deputy in chief of Vietnam Law & Legal Forum magazine, a division of Vietnam News Agency, in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Our English-language magazine aims to help foreign reasers better understand the Vietnamese legal system and its latest developments.


Maria Fola

MSc Media & Communications 1999

After finishing my Master's degree in London, I moved to Brussels where I stayed for almost two years, working as a strategic communications consultant for the European office of APCO Worldwide. I moved back to Athens, Greece, in May 2001 and worked at the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games for four years. This has been a tremendous experience, much too unique to describe, and I think all people that have been part of this project have the best of memories to hold on to. I am now moving on to work for a high technology company as a brand communication manager.


Srdjan Stojanovic

MSc Media & Communications 1999

Following the wonderful year of master's degree studies at LSE, I decided to pursue PhD in the area of media and communications. I was accepted by the one of the leading media research establishments - University of Westminster and my thesis supervisor was Jean Seaton, a leading media history scholar in UK. The research topic was post-dictatorship transition of the media in my home country, Serbia. Final version of my thesis is pending approval in October 2009. I was given an opportunity to do my research on a part-time basis, while I was professionally working as political advisor with the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe), and later as analyst with a leading think-tank International Crisis Group (ICG). At the moment, I am working as managing director of an international concert promotion company in Serbia, something that I successfully did in the 1980's and 1990's, before the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia stopped not only the music, but normal life. In the last few years I promoted artists like Simply Red, Deep Purple, Toto Cutugno, Wishbone Ash, Emma Shapplin and others. In December 2009 my wife Xenia and I are expecting our first baby girl.

Saeed ID Pic blue background

Saeed Ahmed

MSc Media Communications & Develeopment 1999

Supervisor: Sonia Lvingstone


Currently based in Toronto





Virginie Trosset

MSc Media & Communications

I have been working in the field of Information technology for fifteen years, at management level. I began my career in Media Group (TF1 and Mondadori) and after a few years, I decided to commit myself to the development of internet in France, and joined the Caisse des Dpts, to help bridge the digital divide and develop internet companies. I am precisely working for a Fund for Numeric Development (4.25 billions) that is administrated by Caisse des Dpts. In parallel to those activities, I have studied and invested various field of organisation development and psychology. I have developed special abilities in Neuro Linguistic Programming (I am Maitre Praticien) and Transactional Analysis. In 2011, I also trained myself to be a Coach (Certified by Vincent Lenhardt). I have currently my own training agency specialised in management and coaching, and keep working in Caisse des Dpts, so as to stay up to date with today's management issues. I am the mother of two children, and live in Paris. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!




Paul Murschetz

MSc Media & Communications

2011-2: University of Westminster, consultant and visiting senior lecturer, Dept of Journalism and Mass Comms, London, UK 2006-11: W2 Professor of Media Mgt and Intl Business, Cologne Business School, Cologne, Germany 2005-6: University of Cologne, Research assistant, Dept of Media Management, Cologne, Germany 2002-4: University of Applied Studies St. Poelten, Key lecturer, HoD of Media Management, St. Poelten, Austria


Vicente Valjalo

Msc Media & Communications

Representations of the Internet in the British Press from 1990 to 1996. A Preliminary Description

Twitter: @vvaljalo

First I worked for Lintas in Advertising as Planning Director for Latinamerica. Then I moved to Boston to teach at Emerson College. After that returned to Chile and worked as Custom research director for GFK in Chile. Then CEO of Millward Brown in Chile and now I have my own consultancy Objetivo, part of the Olson Zaltman Associates network, doing consultancy for marketing and communication.




Gerd Bielenberg

MSc Media & Communications 1995

It must have been the first or second MSc Media & Communications classes that I participated in. I found that already pretty exciting when I applied for the course - knowing there wouldn't be too many routines and that the course was still trying to find its own profile. After a 4-year business course in London and Reutlingen (Southern Germany), I tremendously enjoyed being thrown in a truly academic environment - although it was quite a change in the beginning. One of my favourites in the course was the lecture series on political communication - I hope it is still around. 

My previous work experience included the automotive supplies industry and the German publishing house Gruner+Jahr. Having finished my course at the LSE, I started at the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Germany's foremost publisher of business media and owner of the advertising sales house GWP media-marketing. I have been working there ever since, initially covering international ad sales of German media but over the past years setting up an international media marketing organisation (, which has become one of the leaders in its field. I represent the company in the European Business Press Federation and also sit on the marketing board of the Inflight Marketing Bureau. 

The LSE experience has been a particularly enriching exercise that has helped me to fully live up to the requirements that are connected with my current job. I go to London regularly on business and when I have the time I call by the LSE shop for a new sweater. 


Jennifer Koller

MSc Media & Communications 1995

I am an independent universities counselor based in Geneva, Switzerland.  

Shakil Chaudhary

Shakil Chaudhary

MSc Media and Communications 1995

After doing my master's in media and communications in 1995, I briefly worked for The Friday Times, a Lahore-based weekly publication. Then I worked for the Australian HighCommission and the U.S. Embassy as political analyst. In May 2008, I quit the U.S. Embassy. Currently, I am working with the Asian Development Bank as a communication consultant. I am about to join the ranks of authors. The book that I am writing is for the benefit of those who wish to improve their English skills. I have also been teaching journalism and communication skills. The LSE experience helped polish my intellectual and critical thinking skills. At LSE, I once wrote a paper on "Is it possible to cover war objectively?" In this paper I sincerely praised the BBC. My supervisor was overly impressed. "It is good that your praised the BBC," he said. "However, it would have been better if you had also explored its constraints and limitation." These two sentences great learning for me. They eloquently explained to me the essence of Western education system.





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"The interdisciplinary approach, the international representation in the classroom, and the rigorous academic training prepared me well for a career in international business strategy as well as policy development in the sector" - Terri Wills, graduated 2000